You can now use :has() in CSS – here's the guide you need

You can now use :has() in CSS – here's the guide you need

This has been a week Wicked toothpicks 👹, Greed creeps 🐛, and Unbeatable camouflage 🪖 — And 2512 events happened in the front-end world!

⚡️Remix with Vite

Have you long wanted to get better at using Remix as a framework for your web application, but weren't ready to switch to server-side rendering yet?

Don't think that Remix v2.7.0 is out and comes with stable support Known! You can now create SPA's using Remix's routing conventions and other great features like path module prefetching.

Read more hereOr start using the SPA template with this command:

$ npx create-remix@latest –template remix-run/remix/templates/spa

♿Who can see this color combination?

Do you also think that universal design can be a challenge? Fortunately, there are many great tools that help us create websites that are accessible to everyone ❤️ is one such feature, and lets you test different background and foreground color combinations so you can see what works well and what doesn't. WhoCanUse gives you the contrast ratio and WCAG rating on the selected colors.

In addition, you can also see how colors are displayed to people with different visual impairments.

💄 Interactive guide to :he have()

The largest browsers since December 2023 support the new browser :he have()-Selected in CSS.

It allows you to design an element based on its sub-elements 🤯. For example, will Division: has(>p) Select all <ديف>– Items that directly contain a <ص>-an item.

Ahmed Shedid wrote one Interactive guide About how to use :he have(). It covers an incredible number of usage areas, and is definitely worth a look 🤩.

😵 Dead simple sites

Need inspiration for your next hobby project? Are you interested in minimalist design? Or are you just bored?

paying off certainly! This is a great directory of simple websites – without ads or other confusion.

That's all for this week, see you next week! 👋

Photo: - Many Norwegian sites are impossible to use!

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