June 10, 2023


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You don’t want to celebrate women’s gold – because men do it badly

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Msteri: The mayor has already welcomed the women of Ajax – but she also wanted to grace her balcony in the heart of Amsterdam. The club said no to that. The photo shows former Vålerenga player Sherida Spitse with the trophy. She returned home to the Netherlands after the 2020 season.

The city of Amsterdam will honor the Ajax women’s team after winning the Eredivisie for the first time in five years. The club says no – partly because the men have not performed according to expectations.


A number of Dutch media, among others nu. nlreport this. ESPN And Dutch news As it was mentioned.

Amsterdam Mayor Fimke Halsema invited the winning women’s team to a party of honor at the city’s famous Leidseplein, but Ajax rejected the offer.

– Ajax asks the mayor to reconsider this. We don’t support the time or the place, Ajax says, according to Dutch news.

He admitted that she played a role

And the club’s management feared that the poor performance of the men’s team, who finished more than ten points behind winners Feyenoord, would mean the celebrations would receive a tepid response.

The women’s team actually captured the series championship on May 7.

Ajax believes that a bad season for the men’s team will dampen the celebration of the women’s team’s victory.

Ajax may miss out on a place in the men’s Champions League for the first time since 2009. There is still one round to go in the league. PSV are in second place – ahead of Ajax – and are likely to take the place that grants Champions League qualification.

– A spokesman for Ajax said, according to ESPN, that the lack of a festive atmosphere around Ajax in general, which is linked to the performance of the men’s team this season, played a role in the decision.

– very disappointed

The decision drew criticism from powerful voices within women’s football.

Football correspondent Amber van Liechout, according to Dutch News, says the decision is a “tremendous shame”, and former senior player Meriel van Dongen stated that “with friends like these, you don’t need enemies”.

– I am very disappointed in what my club was supposed to be, you say.

Mayor Halsema had already honored the women’s team with a reception at her residence, but she also wanted to celebrate them with a ceremony on the balcony in the large square in the center of Amsterdam.


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