Youth, social media | Growing exponentially on social media

Youth, social media |  Growing exponentially on social media

The forward has a total of nearly 24,000 followers on various SoMe channels. On Facebook, Fremover now has nearly 18,000 followers and is by far the largest social media outlet. On January 22, Fremover began its project on TikTok and a little over a week later, one of its videos went viral.

Watch the viral video here:

– It is clear that the video has contributed to growth, says Hedda Johansen Fors (27 years old), the not-yet-crowned queen of TikTok.

The goal of the TikTok project is to spread news in a way that reaches young people. So, even if TikTok-Hedda thinks it's great to get 1.8 million views, she's even happier when a news story gets 70,000 views.

-We see that young people also watch the news stories we publish. “It's more fun when we see news videos being watched,” says the young front manager.

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Big Brother challenge on TikTok

In addition to her regular job as a front-of-house manager at Fremover, she alone holds the lead. As the smallest of the forward group, she is the one pulling the load. Then it's more interesting to look at the numbers on TikTok. Amedia's big brother, Tromsø's newspaper Nordlys has all the people in the stations, but until very recently, Fremover was the biggest – on TikTok.

There is still a bit of work separating the two newspapers. Forward currently has 2,500 followers, while Nordlys has 2,581 followers.

– They (Norlys) started a month after us, but there are many people making videos. “So it's fun that we've been able to stay bigger for so long,” says Force, who believes Frameover can take on Big Brother again.

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She hopes to get more help from the slightly more mature people on the editorial board, so that more people can contribute to getting in front of the big papers in Paris and the Nordics.

Here are the forward numbers:

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