– You've become little more than a machine

– You've become little more than a machine

“Terminator” actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, is qualified to joke about the pacemaker he just had inserted.

“I had surgery last Monday to just be a machine,” Schwarzenegger said last Monday on his daily radio show, Arnold's Pump Club. Electronic warfare.

The machine joke is a reference to his old role as The Terminator, a cyborg with living tissue atop a robotic skeleton.

Arnold Schwarzenegger previously underwent three heart operations where he had artificial valves inserted, before a pacemaker was needed to achieve a more balanced heart rhythm.

He said on the podcast that he was actually on Friday of the same week at a big environmental event with Jane Fonda.

“No one would have thought I was starting the week with surgery,” said the actor, who is also a former governor of California. In April, he begins recording the second season of his Netflix series FUBAR. There, Schwarzenegger plays a CIA agent who discovers that his daughter, played by Monica Barbaro, has also chosen the same career.

– I can't train hard in the gym for a while, but I will be 100 percent ready for “FUBAR” next month, he promised his fans.

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