Zendaya on the spotlight: – You can’t hide

Zendaya on the spotlight: – You can’t hide
Popularity: Zendaya at the award show in Las Vegas in April.

In a recent interview with Elle, the superstar Zendaya said her world has changed dramatically in recent years.


After the last “Spider-Man” movie and the last season of “Euphoria,” I really felt the difference, he says. American star of the magazine.

Zendaya has also received a lot of attention for her relationship with British Spider-Man co-star Tom Holland.

And in 2022, she filmed her next film, Challengers, in Boston, where she plays a professional tennis player and writes CNN. The film is scheduled to be released in cinemas in 2024.

She says she has already noticed how her status as a celebrity in Boston has changed.

Before, I could go out to different places, in and out, but in Boston I ended up going straight home because it was too much, she says, and she says she turned down the offer to join the cast. The rest of the film crew after recording.

– I wanted to say: “It would have been nice, but I think I would have ruined the evening for everyone in the end. It wouldn’t be fun when I was there.”

Although the world has long recognized this Zendaya Tom Holland is a couple, and they’ve chosen to be very private about their relationship.

As early as 2017, it was speculated whether Zendaya and Holland had become lovers, but official confirmation from the couple themselves took some time.

However, it was interpreted as some sort of confirmation when Zendaya wrote to Holland last year on his birthday:

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«Happy birthday to the person who makes me the happiest».

For his part, Holland called Zendaya last year “the most amazing person,” also in writing Instagram.

As for Elle, Zendaya says she’s come to terms with the fact that parts of her life will be publicly available to everyone, but she’s deliberately choosing to keep something out of the spotlight.

– I can only be human, live my life and love the one I love. “But I control what I choose to share,” she says.

It’s about protecting the peace you have, but also not being afraid to live. You can’t hide. It’s no fun either, she says, and I have to navigate these waters more than before.


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