October 19, 2021


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Are you fooling us with smart watches? – Suspension

Are you fooling us with smart watches?

How smart are you to use your smart watch?

Apple Watch has many exciting health features, and you can download apps directly.  But how many people are using all this on their smartwatch?

The biggest tech optimists have long predicted the mobile phone will fall in favor of the smartwatch. But for now, batteries and fairly rapid development stand on the watch front in the way of visions.

However, smartwatches are marketed as something that everyone should own. They can do more and more healthy things, many of them can install apps and it’s totally possible to use them as a remote shutter release for your camera. If you have a Samsung or Apple smartwatch, the risk is high that they can do almost everything a mobile phone can do.

But how much “smart” do you really do with your smartwatch?

I have a reasonable suspicion that you have two types of smartwatch users.

One group is those who use only the basics. They like to set the clock to record activity and alerts, but little else. This gives them an overview of sleep and exercise, and they see a text message about buying milk right on their arm on their way to checkout at the store.

The second group are those who use “a little more”, they call them advanced. Then we can bring in things like setting up a chip for calls around the clock, so that the cell phone is at home. Maybe they sync Spotify or Apple Music with it and use it as one addon to join the tour. Perhaps the mobile payment will be set up. They might even use a voice assistant to turn the lights on and off.

Personally, I end up somewhere in the middle between the two groups, but I almost never use the apps on a daily basis. If I don’t test a watch, it will show me the time, my messages, and track my activity.

I suspect that very few apps use apps to a certain extent, and that they mostly have their own paths to which they go in lists around the clock. How important is Google Play or the App Store really?

A capable smartwatch should have a number of things. Good, bright screen, it should have a processor and battery that can power the broom hook – and if you must have a mobile network connection, that’s practically a full phone with most of its components on the wrist.

The latest generation Apple Watch usually pays you between 4,000 and 10,000 kroner.

And then you get the “same great 18 hours of battery life” that Apple is talking about. Apple brags a lot about its products, and they’re often right – but the 18-hour battery life is never “great” no matter what Tim Cook and his colleagues think.

Because you get things you wear on your wrist from, say, Garmin, they can last for weeks. Fitbit is also ready with activity bands and the average smartwatch that lasts a week in a row — and costs a lot less.

If you have a smartwatch thinking about what you use it for compared to what the watch can do, what you paid for, and what you can get by buying it instead – did you really buy the right product?

Are we fooled by the flashy gadgets and promises of giants like Apple and Samsung?

We end up with hours that have to be charged each night, with batteries getting damaged a lot more in a shorter time than the ones in wireless earplugs – which we know creeps up a lot because the batteries stop working.

And if the batteries don’t get damaged, there will be a new smartwatch next year, and it’s even smarter.

And if you want it in steel, it will quickly cost 8000 kr on top of your must-have accessories. Of course, you should have accessories that support a good cause by a percentage or two of the retail price, so that the huge company behind you looks a little nicer.

How many changes does the clock have to go through before it goes up in the entry price of a good Swiss watch? And can you handle Swiss and Fitbit?

It might be worth sacrificing an idea before switching in your smartwatch again. And if, after all, you love the smartwatch so much that a “dumb” solution is out of the question, it might be a good idea to explore both the App Store and Google Play a little more, so you get at least something extra from the irritating shipping cost and constant new purchases. for the next generation.

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