-I'm still a communist

-I'm still a communist

New leader Rod Ongdom believes she is being compared to Nazis and says she is “…almost harassed by many grown men”.

Last weekend's RCP national meeting, where she was elected as the new leader, marked the beginning of a dust storm.

– I have almost been harassed by many mature men, says Amrit Kaur (20 years old).

There was a barrage of criticism on social media.

-I closed my Twitter account.

She admits that she posted a lot of nonsense “…when I was 17,” and says she's received a lot of criticism for things she's posted online before.

This week, political science professor emeritus Bernt Hagtveit, 78, threw himself into the matter.

The meeting NRK Dagsrevyen had with the head of the new Revolutionary Union on April 20 was, according to him, “brain-dead discussions about the right to use violence” and “a political and intellectual striptease that you have to go back to the glory days of the AKP to see.” Look how far.”

Bernt Hagtveit thinks so

according to for him The leadership of the Revolutionary Union also symbolizes “…the totalitarian leftist view of society in which violence is inevitably the result.”

If this happens, the new leaders of the Revolutionary Union will not stand behind it. Do you believe what they say?

A different relationship with communism

For Kaur, it is quite clear that she does not see violence as a legitimate political tool:

– I think this is completely reprehensible and completely undemocratic, and I am for peace in every way. I have spent the last few months as a peace activist, says the leader of the Revolutionary Union, which has participated and organized demonstrations in solidarity with the Palestinians.

Deputy leader of the Youth Party in Rodt, Ahmed Al-Saeedi (22 years old), told the Aftenposten newspaper that he “distances himself from the use of violence and has no need for violence.”

Hagtvet is not the first to criticize the management of the Revolutionary Union in recent days. Kaur says she believes many critics display “…quite childish behaviour”.

In all seriousness, she joked:

She says mature white men hate seeing young black women entering politics.

Kor believes Hajtveit is ascribing opinions to her that she does not have and describes the professor's claims about the management of the Revolutionary Union as “unqualified”:

– I wasn't even born when the Soviet Union fell. The AKP was closed before I learned to read. “I don't have the same relationship with communism as many older people,” she says.

So what kind of communism does the leader of the Revolutionary Union represent?

One communist, more communists?

For Kaur, communism is “…a very broad movement with many directions”:

– What we represent has nothing to do with the Justice and Development Party, the Soviet Union, or China. I don't agree with the ideologies of any of these. It claims that we support peace and democracy.

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Kaur says she was primarily inspired by American left-wing extremism when she became a political activist three years ago. to remember Black Panther PartyBlack Panther PartyThe BPP was a Marxist-Leninist revolutionary grouping, originally founded to protect black Americans from police violence. BPP members were involved in several clashes with the police. Sources: Britannica, Wikipedia. the activist Fred HamptonFred HamptonFrederick Allen Hampton Sr. He was a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist who was heavily involved in the struggle against apartheid and police violence against African Americans. He participated in a number of clashes, sometimes violent, with the police during demonstrations and rallies. Hampton was killed during a police raid in Chicago in 1969. Source: Britannica. The persecution they were subjected to by the United States authorities.

– There was a group of people who established hospitals for black Americans and helped women get abortions.

– This is the type of communism that the Red Youth represents, as you claim.

Now Kaur, by her own admission, works to reduce injustice and indifference to what is happening in the world.

-We live in an unjust global society. We can feed the whole world, but nearly 10 million die of hunger every year. What I find totalitarian, extreme and violent is liberal Democratic indifference to this, she says.

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No, Bernt Hagtveit. Dagsrevyen's feature with Amrit Kaur was no entertainment on Saturday.

The new “Red Menace”.

Kaur says it is “absurd” that the word she uttered, communism, caused such strong reactions.

“Today’s neo-Nazis, like today’s neo-communists, share the same disdain for democracy and the same glorification of violence,” says Hajtveit in his debate post.

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– Hajtveit compares me, a 20-year-old girl, to the Nazis. An ideology that holds that some people are inherently less valuable than others. I don't think any of that. “I am against genocide and economic exploitation,” she says.

She calls much of what Hajtveit wrote about the revolutionary union “assumptions based on red fear.”

-I wish the professor would be more realistic. I might suggest he read Marx, instead of clicking on 20 year olds.

Before you add:

-I'm still a communist.

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