The city of millions was struck by a stench

The city of millions was struck by a stench

In recent days, Cape Town residents have witnessed a violent stench. The authorities launched an investigation to determine the source of the violent smell Watchman.

They initially assumed the sewage system was to blame, but then discovered the smell was coming from the harbour. A ship loaded with 19,000 live cows was on its way from Brazil to Iraq.

Zahid Bardoudin, head of the city’s Water and Sanitation Department, wrote on social media that “the smell of sewage that swept through parts of the city” came from the ship that was loaded with livestock, he writes. Watchman additional.

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Animal welfare groups say the “inexplicable” smell shows how bad the condition of the animals on board is, and criticize the movement of animals from one continent to another.

– This smell indicates the harsh conditions in which the animals live. They had already spent two and a half weeks on the boat traveling, with feces and ammonia, the National Council of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wrote in a statement. Watchman.

South Africa's Democratic Alliance Party also criticizes the long-term transportation of live animals.

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