Tom (24 years old) was found naked at sea

Tom (24 years old) was found naked at sea

Last week, it was very dramatic for 24-year-old Australian Tom Robinson, when his boat capsized in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, several global media outlets reported, including BBC.

Robinson was alone when his rowing boat was hit by a large wave and capsized. He managed to cling to the boat, which was upside down in the water.

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The reason the Australian went out to sea alone was because he hoped to become the youngest person in the world to row across the Pacific Ocean.

He began trying to make the record when he left Peru last July.

Found naked

On Thursday, Robinson was said to have been seen by a French plane sitting on top of his boat without clothes.

It was then about a hundred nautical miles southwest of the coast of the island nation of Vanuatu.

Early Friday, the Pacific Explorer cruise ship came to the rescue and brought Robinson safely to the deck.

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Brother died in a plane crash: – I love very much

Sign for him Our website A rope ladder was thrown from the cruise ship and he climbed onto it.

The 24-year-old was said to be suffering from dehydration and severe sunburn when he was rescued. Otherwise, Robinson was in good health, The Independent reported.

Dream shattered

The flight from Vanuatu to Australia was Robinson’s final leg, a journey that had already taken 15 months.

He had hoped to reach Cairns, Australia, with his rowing boat by December, but that did not happen.

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The cruise ship that carried Robinson ended its voyage in Auckland, New Zealand. From there, Robinson will be flown home to Brisbane.

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