Transportation, wide | The flight to Lofoten had to return to Bodø

Transportation, wide |  The flight to Lofoten had to return to Bodø

Widerø’s route WF4100, due to travel from Bodø to Legnes after 6pm on Monday, had to return to the county capital within minutes of departure.

– We got an indication that there was a technical error with the plane, press liaison Lena Lindegaard Karlsson told Lofotenbosteen.

– Our procedure when something like this happens is that the aircraft lands at the nearest airport where we have technical personnel – in this case Bodo. In this way, we save time by not having to send technicians to, for example, Legnes.

Lofotpostens has received information about technical problems with the landing wheels of the aircraft. Carlson could neither confirm nor deny this at the time of writing.

– The plane has landed in Bodo and is now being inspected by our technicians. Fortunately, we were able to board another flight that would take the passengers to Legnes — about 30 minutes after the original departure time, Carlson says.

– We apologize for the delay and the inconvenience this has caused to some, but we are happy to have dropped off the passengers.

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