January 27, 2022


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These Norwegian Stores Have Xbox Series X In Stock - Microsoft Doesn't Have Enough Xboxes For Itself

These Norwegian Stores Have Xbox Series X In Stock – Microsoft Doesn’t Have Enough Xboxes For Itself

Even the creator of Xbox, Microsoft itself, doesn’t have enough Xbox Series X consoles, while there are more in Norwegian stores just three days before Christmas Eve.

This is a crisis forcing Microsoft to use developer consoles for tournaments

It seems improbable, but it’s true. Tashi (Tahir Hasanjikic), the “Halo Esports and Viewership Lead” at Microsoft/343 Industries, announced on Twitter that those who participate in this weekend’s Halo competition must play on Series X developer consoles.

The game “Tashi” makes everyone aware, especially opponents, we think, that these consoles work just like the console you pick up from the store, if you’re very lucky.

The only positive thing about Microsoft here is that it at least proves, if there is any doubt, that there really is a shortage of consoles, and that there is no amplification in them. The Series X is almost impossible to get in Norway, while its smaller, slower sibling, the Series S, has been available almost since its launch.

Power and Elkjøp have Xbox Series X in stock

When we investigated whether some Norwegian stores had consoles in stock, we found that Power.no for each 00:22 21. December Available in the following stores, but only in-store. Elkjøp also has a number of stock consoles, but there are almost none in the major cities and without the possibility of booking and without the possibility of mailing.

Energy is available in stores in Molde, Teller and Trondheim.
Elkjøp is also available in a number of stores, but it is not possible to book or order online.