When we were children, many of us had to share a room with one or more siblings, and the mere thought brings up bad memories of fights and quarrels.

It is not easy for parents to make this choice because you know that sooner or later the children will scratch, make noise and argue so loudly that the neighbors will wonder what is wrong.

The shared room solution does not necessarily include a bunk bed. With crafty moves, smart planning, and problem-solving, you can create a sibling room that can prevent arguments over space and give you privacy when you want it.

Let the children participate in the planning stage

If you include children in planning the design, you are more likely to prevent complaints later.

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Even young children can help choose wall decor, colors and decorations. Also try to steer them away from parts of the store where sports and characters are the focal point if you want the room to look modern and grow with them over time.

Let children's individual personalities unfold

Give each of them a part of the room that they can freely decorate. It could be, for example, a wall, the area around the bed or a corner they can decorate with pillows. Allow them to freely choose from a range of colors so that each part matches.

Furnishing a shared children's room
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Give each of your personal area

No matter how small the room, make sure each child has some privacy. You can do this, for example, by placing two offices with separate rooms for special things or with individual bookshelves.

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Set the rules

There will be arguments, but to keep them to a minimum, you should set some rules. To respect each other's things, for example, you can teach them to ask the other to borrow something before they use something that is not theirs.

To teach them that everyone needs privacy, teach them to knock on the door if it is locked before entering. If you let them decide the rules, they are more likely to follow them.

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Allow children to share a room regardless of age

Many may be afraid to let younger children share a room with an older sibling because they don't want to ruin the older child's routine.

In most cases, the older child adapts quickly and enjoys sharing the room with someone. If one cries at night, the other will likely sleep through it.

Keep the younger child out of harm's way

Store some items at a height that young children cannot reach. Feel free to let the older child take his or her belongings safely; Therefore, there is a greater chance of achieving lasting inner peace.

Children's room for two peopleChildren's room for two people
When children share a bedroom, it may be a good idea to create a shelter or place for them to live in peace. Photo: Getty Images

Create a shelter

Everyone needs alone time in peace and quiet in between. It does not have to be a very creative and self-designed place, but for example, a play castle made of carpets, wooden houses, tents or the like also work.
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Free up floor space

If the children are over 6 years old – the recommended age for a loft – you should consider a bunk bed. It will save better space in the room and give more space to play on the floor.

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If you are moving and need more space in the future, you can look for a bunk bed that can be divided into two parts later.

Have a fixed place for everything

Kids are incredibly messy, and when you have two or more kids in the same room, you quickly end up with stuff all over the place. It's much easier to keep a room tidy when kids know where things are at all times.

Have a separate shelf for books and toys, baskets for larger toys and outfits, and baskets for smaller toys.

Organization in the shared children's roomOrganization in the shared children's room
Let all the things in the children's room have a fixed place. Photo: Getty Images

Get creative with the space you have

To make the most of the space you have, it may be a good idea to hire a furniture designer.

One of the architects designed the bed platform for this room with the ceiling column as a room divider. There are shelves and cabinets on the walls, and various drawers can be pulled out under the beds.

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