Jürgen Grabac, Jarl Magnus Reaper

Jürgen Grabac, Jarl Magnus Reaper

The national team will begin its World Cup finals campaign on Saturday morning. However, there is little that mentions winter in it German Schonach.

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The combined Norwegian team is still unsure if there will actually be competitions.

– It creates great challenges. We are not allowed to do training jumps today and we did not test the cross-country track either. It's even more problematic for skiers, who can't test their skis, sports director Ivar Stoan tells Netavicin.

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Unconventional solution

Photos from the stadium area show green meadows and little snow. At present, there is no indication that significant competitions will be held in the area on Saturday and Sunday, but work is underway at full speed to prepare the slopes.

– It's windy and the weather is good. There is a shuttle service with trucks loaded with large amounts of snow. The weather will be better tomorrow with sunshine. There's a good chance there will be a competition, but the weather is windy now and the lawns are green.

The athletes themselves have indicated alternative solutions before competitions. The team's superstar took his roller skates with him when he traveled abroad earlier in January. They come in handy now.

– He's a typical Jarl Magnus Reaper, he thinks of everything. He arrived at Gardermoen on skis and the others stood and looked at him strangely. It's always good to be prepared and he's always two steps ahead, says Stoan.

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On Friday afternoon, Reber posted videos on Instagram, showing his skates on bare asphalt Schonach.

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– Special case

Jürgen Grabac He describes that athletes hope there will be competitions throughout the weekend.

– It's a special case. It is unusual to look out the window and see that it is summer or early autumn. It's a little special, but we hope and believe it will be a ski race. “It's about focusing on what you can do something about,” the 32-year-old tells NetVision.

The Norwegian points out that the situation is the same for everyone and that he and the rest of the team are preparing as if it were a competition. The decision is likely to be made early Saturday.

If there are competitions, the plan will be as follows:


The women jump at 9.45 and the men's 10.30 on VSport 1

Men's cross-country skiing at 1.15pm V sport + and women's at 2.45pm on TV3


Women jump 9.30 and men 10.15 in V Sport 1

Women's cross-country skiing 13.10 and men's 13.55 in V Sport 1

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