21 square meter renovation property sold for 2.9 million – E24

21 square meter renovation property sold for 2.9 million – E24

St. in Oslo. The home, located in Hunshawn, sold above asking price on Friday. A shortage of homes in this price range has fueled interest, says the broker.

RENOVATE ME: Not much has been done to the house since it was built in 1962, except for upgrades to the electrical system, according to estate agent Edward Inkbrixen.
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– We have had a good time booking for screenings. In addition, there are many people with good construction technical expertise who don’t feel the need to buy these items without visiting a viewing, says Edvard Ingebrigtsen, broker and partner at EIE Eiendomsmegling.

The restoration material was listed on Finn.no, with a suggested price of NOK 2.45 million. The house is located in the St. Hanshagen district, in the center of Oslo.

On Friday, the house was sold for NOK 2.9 million.

– The house was partly bought for the first time because the parents contributed, says Ingbrixen.

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After visiting on Thursday, Ingebrigtsen expected the house to be sold by Friday. Ingebrigtsen says they are experiencing a lot of pressure on smaller apartments in this price range.

In total, there were more than 100 interested parties on the list, he says.

– The item is in a category where many people can afford it, so the interest is high, he explains.

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Renovation doesn’t scare people

The two-room apartment has an area of ​​21 square meters and is located in a building from 1962.

Based on the ad, a total overhaul is to be expected. According to brokers, apart from upgrading the electrical system, not much has been done since the year the construction was completed.

St. in Oslo. The house in Hunshavn was sold on Friday for NOK 2.9 million.

— but it doesn’t seem to scare people in general, he says.

The property has been rented out since 1962 and has been occupied by one person for the past 30-40 years, the broker says.

Hits the market well

Based on the response, Ingebrigtsen believes the suggested price will hit the market well.

He points out that the renovation material is located in an attractive area and that homes in this price range are difficult to find.

– It is clear that this is one of the two most popular districts of Oslo, so these areas have less than three million houses. This home is a classic entry ticket into the housing market.

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