Fears flood damage after snow melts – Roofs collapse on Tvedestrand

Fears flood damage after snow melts - Roofs collapse on Tvedestrand

Heavy rain is approaching southern Norway, while Trondhelac and More Oak Romstel are visiting Kyta with intense weather.

On Monday, danger warnings came on the assembly line, and it has been raining since Wednesday, especially in western Norway.

On Tuesday morning, the storm was upgraded to extreme weather and named “Kaida”.

– Heavy rain in the south of Trontelock and More Oak Romstall areas on Wednesday and Thursday. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in at least two places, according to the Meteorological Agency.

A red alert has been issued for heavy rains in the southern parts of Trøndelag and Møre o Romsdal.

Continuous rainfall means meteorologists expect more meteorological stations to record daily rainfall for the month of January. It is light for the season, so all the coming rains are expected to be heavy in the mountains.

– After the storm ends Thursday night, a change in significantly lower temperatures and snowfall and snowfall is expected in the mountains, first in the north, meteorologists write.

Redness, i.e. extreme weather, is a high risk level for rain.

Local flooding

– B நாம்rd Alsaker, chairman of the association’s water and expert group, says that if we’ve melted snow too fast, natural water and flood roads are covered with high levels of compact seagrass and ice, there is a risk of local flooding in densely populated areas. Environmental Engineering.

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Road ditches and drainage ditches, especially in densely populated areas, will be covered with very hard, frozen snow after the snow has been removed so far this winter. As a result, natural floodplains are closed and water stagnates on the road instead.

– Then you can get local, unnatural flood beds, resulting in water damage and inability to access property during periods. Therefore, we recommend that homeowners evaluate their assets and see how snow melting can affect their property. We also recommend opening drainage channels such as sewers, manholes, inlet grills, etc., ensuring that the water has a free passage, Alseker says.

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On Tuesday morning, both police and firefighters went to a warehouse in Tvedestrand.

– Ole Bjørn Kleivane to Nettavisen, operational manager of the Akhtar police district, says parts of the roof have collapsed due to heavy snow.

No one was injured and emergency services were notified of the incident around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

– Here I am sitting in Christiansand, it is six degrees, fog and rain, but there may be snow further east in Indra Aktar. “We have not received any other reports of snowstorms causing problems,” Cleveane told Netflix.

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