Search for missing 20-year-old in Ålesund – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

Search for missing 20-year-old in Ålesund – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

On Sunday, a search operation began after the man was not found.

Friends and family searched for several hours in Ålesund on Sunday afternoon, and the police eventually became involved. The search for the man continued on Monday.

– After the morning break, we started again to replace the team with police and volunteers, says Syndre Molnes, operations manager of the Møre and Romsdal police district.

I hope he is alive

Police have, among other things, established a new area to search.

– The main focus is still in the center of Alesund. We conduct land and shore searches aimed at saving lives. We don't know what happened, so we have to keep all possibilities open. It's hot outside, the weather is good, so we hope to find him alive, says Molnes.

Sindre Molnes, Head of Police Operations.

Photo: Remy Sagen / NRK

At the same time, the police are engaged in the investigation of digital traces in this case. Among other things, police are investigating whether the man's mobile phone can be traced.

– An inquiry is being conducted into his movements. Where possible we also obtain video surveillance and other technical data that may provide clues as to his whereabouts.

The operations manager says they have some leads to follow, but they have a lot of information to collect right now.

– We have to go through this and gradually see if there are things that can point us in a direction. For now, we are still gathering information and don't have a complete overview yet.

Search for a missing person in Ålesund.

The search for the missing person is going on both on land and at sea.

Photo: Synnøve Stephansen / NRK

Great powers lead

On Monday, an optician at the Red Cross Ålesund's cityscape.

– Currently the Red Cross is assisting the police in the search. We have also called a police dog. At the same time, we are constantly evaluating what resources we need and what would be appropriate to use, says Molnes.

Police in Ålesund were searching for the man with a rescue boat and a fire boat on Sunday evening. Drones are also used.

Another person is missing

Over the past week, large forces have been searching for another teenager in Ålesund. He has not been found yet.

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