60 on waiting list for isolated rooms in Trondheim: – It feels very uncomfortable

Frida Selch Thuestad

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230 people were staying in isolated hotels or secluded hotels in Trentheim on Tuesday night.

– The capacity of isolated rooms has exploded, says Wensey Dehley, director of health and well-being at Trentheim.

In the evening, the queue of people seeking space in the isolated area doubled. 60 people are now on the waiting list.

– It feels very embarrassing, says student Frida Selch Dustat (21).

Thuestad has isolated itself from its partnership and has been in line for insulation hotels since it tested positive on Monday. The more affected students in Trentheim should do the same as she does now, and they will be even more so in the days to come.

Many in line for an isolated hotel

On Tuesday, the municipality will begin a mass test of students in Trentheim. 35,000 students are said to be required to take the exam.

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Corona virus number at least 250 students from 56 study fields in Trondheim. Especially the rigid frame.

– We believe there is no violent spread of the epidemic. But at the same time, we fear that there may be large numbers, Morton Walton, municipal director in Trentheim, told the NRK Dystock.

The Director of Health and Welfare is excited about whether the pressure on isolated hotels will be even greater as a result of the mass test.

– We are pleased that the infection rate will continue to rise, he says.

Wait four days in an isolated room

On Tuesday, Malin Farbu Aune, 24, was released from solitary confinement. Before she could live there, she too had to be isolated in her own home.

She lives with two other people in an apartment of about 70 square meters.

– I used bandages and gloves every time I went to the bathroom and every time I left my room.

It was only on Saturday, four days after the positive test for the rapid test, and one day after the positive test for the PCR test, that he found his own place to isolate himself from others.

Last week Had to test positive on a PCR test in front of the isolated room. The municipality has now changed the rules so that people can get rooms in isolated hotels after a positive quick check.

Awn thought living together was too stressful, and feared that those who lived with him would become infected.

– This is very dangerous for the people I live with.

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Fortunately, the day did not spread.

My municipality should be a better calculator

Like Tussauds and Aun, many of the students affected by Trentheim live on public transportation.

– Everyone in my alliance had to suspend their lives when I tested positive, says Dustat.

She thinks sponsorship week should have been a better warning of infection week for the municipality in general, so they should have increased the capacity of isolated hotels before they could start their studies.

– I was disappointed in the infection management of the municipality, she says.

– What precautions did you take to avoid infection during the sponsor week?

– I followed the rules of infection control. We are not a big sponsor group and we kept to ourselves that if any of us were affected we would be quickly isolated, Dustat says.

The sponsor also attended Aun’s parties during the week, but emphasizes that this was before high infection rates were known among students in Trentheim.

– We were as many as we were allowed, i.e. 15 people. We haven’t met any other sponsor groups, and were at home with someone who owned a large apartment, he says.

Free again: Malin Farbu Aun escaped from loneliness on Tuesday.

Photo: Private

Has five times the number of isolated rooms

– We understand very well that students and others are frustrated. We think this is a bad situation, says Dehli.

– Were they surprised by the huge demand for insulation hotels that came in sponsor week?

– We had 50 isolated rooms despite the whole epidemic. It had previously reached the peak of our epidemic. We did not expect this, but as the infection began to increase sharply among the students we quickly realized the need to increase capacity.

At the same time as having many casual hotel guests in the city, she appreciates setting up hotels in the city, coordinating the offer and releasing.

The municipality now has five times the number of isolation rooms. This is not enough to meet the need, Dehli says.

– We are exploring all possibilities for further enhancement of capacity, he emphasizes.

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