75-inch premium LCD TVs – the best big screens for series, sports and games

75-inch premium LCD TVs – the best big screens for series, sports and games

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75 inches has become the popular screen size in the Nordic countries, and although 55-65 is still considered a “people size,” more and more people are choosing a larger size when shopping for a new TV. That’s why we’ve now rounded up three TV screens from Samsung, Sony and TCL, which battle together in a ‘three-way match’ in the premium category!

Bigger and better TV picture

The 75-inch monitor has approximately 33% more image area than the 65-inch monitor, and is well suited for viewing at distances of 2 to 3 metres.

Such a large TV screen requires its place in the living room (170 cm wide and 95 cm high). But if you’re the type who likes to enjoy all kinds of TV entertainment, don’t worry: the extra screen size makes a big difference when movies, series and sports are on the menu.

Many movies are recorded in cinema format (2.35:1) with black lines which make the picture smaller, and with a larger TV it is easier to maintain the ‘cinema feel’. And for those of you interested in playing on console, there’s no doubt that the experience becomes more immersive when the image fills a larger area of ​​the field of view.

The challenge with large displays is that they also amplify and magnify any imperfections such as noise, poor contrast, or stuttering motions. For this reason, it’s worth spending a few extra kroner to get a good quality screen!

Samsung QN85C, TCL MQLED80 and Sony X90L. (Photo: Udon Haj)

75-inch high-performance speakers

We’ve previously tested budget and mid-range 75-inch TVs, where the quality gave us a positive surprise. However, this time we’ve taken a closer look at the ‘big brothers’ of the Premium segment, where additional resources have been put into the image panel and video processing.

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We’ve rounded up three TVs from Samsung, Sony and TCL, all newer models for 2023. All three testers use 120Hz (144Hz) LCD image panels with HDR and direct backlighting with local dimming, keywords for smooth movements and bright images with good contrast . And period Sony x90l Uses traditional LED backlight, can Samsung QN85C And TCL MQLED 80 It boasts so-called MiniLED taillights with more dimming zones.

We tested the TVs against each other under controlled lighting conditions. In addition to image quality, where we place great emphasis on contrast, brightness and color reproduction, we of course also evaluated sound quality and overall ease of use.

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A bigger TV on a budget

With one of these 75-inch devices, you can get a tremendous visual experience without costing a fortune. And so the stage is set for the big screen test!

Do you think the price will be too harsh?

All test participants are also delivered in smaller versions, such as 65 inches or 55 inches with equivalent performance. And if you think even 75 inches is too small, they are available in larger screen sizes, actually 85 inches and 98 inches in some cases. But then the price will also be accordingly.

These are premium class models, which are also accompanied by a much higher price than budget models. At the same time, there are models like this whose prices drop even further during Black Week, January sales and the like, where you can save several thousand SEK. Read on and find out which TV we consider to be the best buy!

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Products in this test

The shave is sharp and silky smooth

With the Bravia X90L, Sony shows that it is among the best in image processing. This TV does almost everything right!

The Sony X90L delivers a razor-sharp image with little noise and great color reproduction.

Contrast isn’t quite on par with MiniLED displays, and only two of the four HDMI inputs are 2.1 standard.

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Lots of TV for the money

The TCL 75MQLED80 has a high-contrast picture, full of depth and brilliant colours. Very good buy!

TCL MQLED80 delivers a smooth, bright, high-contrast picture with great color reproduction.

Sharpness and noise reduction aren’t up to par with competitors from Sony and Samsung. Only two out of four HDMI inputs support the 2.1 standard.

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Killer OLED?

This MiniLED display from Samsung has strong contrast that can challenge even the best OLED TVs.

The Samsung display delivers a bright, good-contrast picture, as well as plenty of smart features. The communication options are also perfect.

The price may seem a bit steep compared to the competition, and the QN85C has to do without support for the Dolby Vision HDR format.

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