That’s why your phone didn’t ring

That’s why your phone didn’t ring
The ultimatum: Some received an emergency ultimatum on Wednesday, some did not.

At exactly 12 noon on Wednesday, the alarm went off in phones across the country. Received many notices, but not all.


Henriette Magnussen, senior advisor at the Directorate for Social Security and Preparedness (DSB) for VG says there could be several reasons why your mobile phone is not ringing.

– That’s why we’re doing this test, you say to VG.

On Wednesday, at 12:00, the authorities tested their new alarm system, which is why the phone rang, in addition to the civil defense testing of 1,200 siren systems.

Magnussen explains that there could be several reasons for not receiving the notice, but they don’t know exactly why.

Previous tests, also from other countries, have indicated that it may have something to do with the software update on your phone.

She stressed that there could be other obvious reasons for this, such as the fact that not all units can receive the notification.

on DSB sites It says that these units can receive an emergency notification:

  • Android phones running Android 11 or later
  • Android GO smartwatches and phones are supported from Android 13 and above
  • Apple phones with iPhone 8 or later and updated to iOS 16.2 or later
  • Apple Watch updated with watchOS 9.2 or later
  • Smart watches that use WearOS

Magnussen says they have no information about who receives the notice.

She says she hopes everyone who hasn’t received the notice will report it to

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Many VG reporters did not receive the notification, and the VG tip box shows that there are many others who have not also encountered the phone ringing.

Among those who received the alert was a “presidential alert” by phone. DSB VG tells that this is also due to a phone software update.


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