The war in Ukraine: – Activists attacked her: “traitor”

The war in Ukraine: – Activists attacked her: “traitor”

Former Ukrainian deputy Taras Chornovil, 59, was attacked by activists in Kiev on Tuesday morning.

video of the accident, Taken and published by Unian, showing how Tsjornovil was surrounded in the streets, doused in green paint. Then the former politician is stopped by physical force, lifted and thrown into the trash can.

At the same time, an even larger crowd is rallying around the 59-year-old ex-politician calling him a “disgrace” and a “traitor”.

A video shows how tanks donated by the West scatter after a successful Russian artillery attack. Retired Lieutenant General Arne Bord-Dalhough believes Ukraine’s lack of tank air support is a major weakness. Correspondent: Edward Stenlund. Video: Telegram / Twitter
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Exit towards the widow

About three weeks ago, Chornovil came out against Alina Mikhajlova, the widow of one of Ukraine’s greatest war heroes – Dmytro “Da Vinci” Kotsiopaglu.

Chornovil has railed against “scum in green” who constantly gets TV time at the expense of “honest people,” and shared a clip of Mihajlova being interviewed, according to Ukrainian newspaper Pravda online.

Military Code: The death of a great Russian general

Alena Mikhajlova also serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, she is the head of the sanitation department of the Da Vinci Wolves volunteer battalion.

The volunteer battalion was commanded by her late husband, who was killed outside Bakhmut earlier this year.

Several people were killed and injured in a missile attack on the city of Kryvyi Rih in central Ukraine. Video: Telegram.
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– very grateful

To put it mildly, Chornovil’s comment did not sit well with many Ukrainians, and for several weeks the former politician had been hearing it.

On Tuesday, he also felt it on his body.

- It's all under water

– It’s all under water

Tsjornovil himself claims that he did not offend anyone, which he also repeats in the video clip from the incident.

The “offended” person himself commented on the incident.

– I am very grateful to the Ukrainian people that there are still many sympathetic and principled citizens among us, writes Mykhajlova on Twitter.

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