Elite Series: Vålerenga Fan Club The clan responds forcefully to Tor Olav Trøim: – Disrespect and dignity

Elite Series: Vålerenga Fan Club The clan responds forcefully to Tor Olav Trøim: – Disrespect and dignity
Elite Series: Vålerenga Fan Club The clan responds forcefully to Tor Olav Trøim: – Disrespect and dignity
Owner for several years: Tor Olav Trøim at Vålerenga in 2015.

Tor Olav Trøim (60) called the club’s supporters “unworthy” after the sacking of Dag-Eilev Fagermo (56). Vålerenga’s wealthy uncle is now receiving a strong response from the clan.


– I think it is disrespectful and unbecoming of Tor Olaf Trom to look down on all of us who have followed this club through thick and thin all these years and will continue to do so long after the money man is dead and forgotten, He writes Lasse Lukacs, editor of Klanen.no.

After losing to Strømsgodset on Sunday, a shout of “Out with Fagermo” was uttered from the stands, and when the news of Fagermo’s end was brought to the members’ meeting on Monday, the fans broke out in cheers.

This made Trøim react aggressively.

– I think it was insulting, – he told VG after the meeting.

– Why?

“If we were going to try to win a football match, it would probably be worth cheering for your team, right,” replied Troem, describing the whole thing as “sad.”

VÅLERENGA INVESTOR: Tor Olav Trøim is on his way to the meeting in Vålerenga on Monday.

– We are supporters and follow the club closely, and we must be allowed to express what we think, Christian Arents tells VG. He is the spokesperson for the Klan.

Should Trom pay attention to how Valerenga supporters express themselves in the stands?

– no.

– Why not?

– He is the owner of a company that in turn owns Vålerenga LLC, which owns the club’s commercial rights – not the sporting rights. Basically, Arentz says, he shouldn’t be involved in sports.

Business leader Trøim is the owner of investor company Magni Sports, which in turn owns Vålerenga Fotball AS. He is also a member of the board of directors of the limited company, but does not hold a position on the board of directors of Vålerenga Fotball Elite (the club). On Monday, Trum told VG he would be around the table when the club appoint a new coach.

Arentz says the investor is free to have opinions in looking for a coach on the same level as everyone else, but stresses that the process is basically not on his table. At the same time, he’s clear about what he thinks of Troem’s letter to supporters.

– It’s the club we support, not Vålerenga Fotball AS or Magni Sports. Trøim is not the coach’s employer, Vålerenga Fotball Elite is. It is the club members and the board of directors who have to say something about the coach. Of course he should be allowed to think things over himself, but he can’t decide how or not we as supporters should express ourselves is the clear message to Arentz.

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VG tried to get a hold of Tor Olav Troim. He has not yet responded to the investigation.

Klanen editor Lasse Lukacs leaves a little credit to the longtime Vålerenga investor for the post on Klanen.no.

According to 60-year-old Tor Olav Troem, who grew up in Sandefjord, capital A total of NOK 230 million has been invested in the club, which has not won a trophy since 2008.

– I don’t think there is any respect or dignity for Tor Olaf Trum. Like that in general, but especially with regard to Vålerenga. Were you disrespectful to Dag Elif in meeting with his supporters after the impeachment and was he not worthy of saying he worked against your media strategy afterwards, Lukas writes.


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