A 60-year-old man died after driving over a cliff in Bergen

A 60-year-old man died after driving over a cliff in Bergen
Accident: The car must have fallen about ten meters and landed in Fillingstahlswein.

On Wednesday evening, a man in his 60s died after a car drove over a cliff in Fillingsdalen, Bergen.

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This is stated in the West Police District press release.

Relatives have been informed.

At 19.53 it was reported that West Police District They were on the spotAfter a car left the road in Fillingsdalen, Bergen.

Police wrote in a press release that they dispatched multiple sources to the scene of a car that had run over a curb.

– Someone in the car went downhill. Life-saving first aid was administered to the driver of the car, but he was pronounced dead at the scene a short time later, police write.

Accident: Fillingstallswein in Bergen was closed after an accident on Wednesday evening.

The supervisor at 110 in Bergen, Jostein Steinsland Haj, told VG that they received a report at 19.30 that a car had driven off a cliff.

– The car was on its side and the patient was trapped. Firefighters extricated the patient from the car, Hawge said.

He said they received information that the car had fallen ten to twelve meters and only one car and one person were involved.

– The fire service secured the car and carried out routine procedures in the event of a traffic accident. The car sustained some damage, Hogg said.

According to the police, they are going to the scene on Wednesday evening. The accident team of the Swedish Road Administration was notified. Fylkesvei 540 Fyllingsdalsveien is closed, but is expected to reopen by midnight.

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