September-summer all week in eastern Norway: – it can seem almost unreal

September-summer all week in eastern Norway: – it can seem almost unreal
Brighter times: Storm Hans left the Oslofjord dirty, but conditions will improve in the near future. Summer weather is back for a while anyway.

Summer is far from over in eastern Norway and southern Norway – weather forecasters say it will be above 20 degrees all week.

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After a wet and cold August, the summer heat is back in full swing. Highs of 20 degrees are forecast for most of the week.

– It may seem almost unreal, says Rafael Escobar Lowdahl, a meteorologist at the Meteorological Institute Dansbergs Flat.

In southern and eastern Norway, Monday could deliver above 25 degrees.

– 20 to 25 degrees, maybe a little more in the first days of the week. A little more time to go, it looks like a dry season with high temperatures. If you saved up some vacation days last summer when the weather wasn’t great, he says, it’s a good idea to take those days off in the next two weeks.

Colleague Martin Granerod speaks Daily newspaper Forecasts are very firm for the first few days.

– He says southern and eastern Norway will be the weather winner in the coming week, with temperatures around 25 degrees in warm and long sunshine.

– And even if it’s not completely overcast from time to time, the meteorologist says the weather will be good for late summer.

Bathing water quality is poor in many places in Oslo due to sewage overflowing into Alnelva. But the Oslofjord or further south can be bathed in the next few days if not.

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