Donald Trump – He may be disqualified

Donald Trump – He may be disqualified

NEW YORK (Dagbladet): Former President Donald Trump is currently facing charges in four different criminal cases. In one federal case, Trump is accused of attempting to change the results of the 2020 election and his role in attacking Congress on January 6, 2021. In Georgia, he is also accused of leading a larger conspiracy to undermine the results of the election. In the state he narrowly lost to Joe Biden.

However, it is very likely that Trump will become the GOP presidential nominee again in the 2024 election.

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However, many politicians and legal experts now believe that the Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution could put an end to the former president. The constitutional amendment – which was adopted after the American Civil War in the 1860s – meant that people who participated in rebellions while sitting as elected representatives were barred from running for election.

Former US President Donald Trump is accused of trying to change the results of the 2020 election. After being imprisoned in the Fulton County Jail, Trump told the press. Video: A.B
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– strong argument

They include former Democratic vice presidential candidate and Senator Tim Kaine.

– It is my opinion that the attack on Congress that day was designed for one specific purpose at a particular time, namely, to disrupt the peaceful transfer of power, as provided for in the Constitution. So, there’s a strong case for that, says Kane for invoking the Fourteenth Amendment against Trump, hv news.

It is expected that this will become an issue in the legal system in the future.

– But I think we’re on our side and we have to focus on winning in 2024, says Kane.

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff also believes Trump may be disqualified from running for re-election. He is one of the members of Congress who investigated the January 6 attack.

He was surprised in court: - He can change everything

He was surprised in court: – He can change everything

Vote with Trump

– If you engage in acts of rebellion against the authorities, or if you assist and support those who do, you are not eligible to stand for election, Schiff tells MSNBC On the constitutional amendment, he adds:

You do not have to be convicted of rebellion against the authorities. It just requires that you have participated in these actions. Fits Donald Trump like a glove. The big question through this is what the Supreme Court will do.

And after Trump appointed three conservative justices to the Supreme Court during his presidency, there is now a clear conservative majority on the US Supreme Court if this case ends there.

Former US President Donald Trump has been accused of trying to influence the elections. Correspondent: Vegard Kruger/Dagbladet TV.
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– panicked

Trump himself denies doing anything wrong. On the contrary, he believes that the lawsuits and other attempts to prevent him from becoming president again are merely political witchcraft.

– Joe Biden, the Democrats and the “Never Trump supporters” are horrified to see the polls showing Trump winning the election. Stephen Chung, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, told ABC News: “People who follow this ridiculous conspiracy theory and political attack on Trump are stretching the law’s reach quite unrecognizably like the attorneys general of New York, Georgia and D.C.”

Similarly, efforts are being made to prevent Trump from appearing on the ballot in several crucial swing states such as New Hampshire, Arizona and Michigan.

Trump's son surprises - again

Trump’s son surprises – again

More experts

Many liberal and conservative legal experts are now calling for Trump’s removal. Conservative law professors William Budd and Michael Stokes Paulsen recently endorsed this proposition in an article in the Pennsylvania Law Review. Former conservative judge J. Michael Luttig and former Harvard professor Lawrence Tribe argue the same thing in an article in Atlantic Ocean.

Says Michigan Secretary of State, Democrat Jocelyn Benson hv news She and other state secretaries from Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire and Maine began discussing the issue a year ago to prepare to challenge Trump’s nomination in court.

Against political opponents: - Wild animals

Against political opponents: – Wild animals

– I talk to my colleagues about this every day. We are all aware that the decisions we make in this regard may be the first, but they are unlikely to be the last. Benson says the public should be prepared that this will be an ongoing problem.

It therefore appears likely that Trump’s candidacy will be challenged in the legal system.

Last week, Bryant Messner, among others, who supported Trump when he tried to become a Republican senator from New Hampshire, announced that he was taking steps to test whether Trump might be disqualified. Among other things, Trump met with New Hampshire’s state secretary, Republican David Scanlan, on the subject. Yahoo news.

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