– Completely devastated nature – NRK Vestland

– Completely devastated nature – NRK Vestland

Möngstad in Nordland is perhaps best known for its large oil refinery, which is located in the municipalities of Alvear and Esterheim.

Now the district can have a wind power plant with five turbines inside the industrial area. Turbines can reach 250 meters in height.

Requires renewable electricity

This process is still very early days, says project manager Einar Fage at Greenspot Mongstad.

– But we hope to get the green light from the two municipalities towards the end of the year, and then be able to start the process of applying for a license with NVE.

He does not want to speculate on when the facility can be completed and stresses that they must take their time in order for the process to be open and good.

The green transition requires renewable electricity. Instead of untouched nature, we can use “completely destroyed nature,” that is, nature that has all been used for industry, says Fagg.

Wind turbines planned for Mongstad

Early in the process: These are the preliminary drawings of how the five turbines will be positioned on the site.

Illustration: Asset Buying Partner

Wild winds are controversial

In a normal year, about 155 TWh of electrical energy is now produced in Norway. The Energy Commission concluded last February that the country needs at least an additional 40 terawatt-hours of energy by 2030. They point to wind power as one of the vegans to achieving that goal.

But several onshore wind projects have been highly controversial, including the Vossen project in Trøndelag and the Preminger project in Westland.

Wind turbines are controversial, among other things, because they make noise, they are visible, they trespass on pristine nature, and there can be conflicts with reindeer herding.

wind turbines

There is still no definitive picture of what the turbines will look like. And they should be able to deliver 30 megawatts together.

Photo: Hans-Olav Landsvirk

Positive local politicians

– I think we can come together about this, says the mayor of Per Leroy (AP) in the municipality of Osterheim.

He maintains that they have not yet discussed the matter in the party, but it is mainly positive, in part because no more than five turbines are planned.

– Leroy confirms that the lack of energy is a big problem.


Why is there so much hype about wind power?


Norway needs more renewable energy in the future. Wind energy can contribute to this. But it takes up space.

The Norwegian authorities claimed that 29 thousand square kilometers of land is habitable. It is an area the size of Belgium.

Wind turbines can extend more than 200 meters upwards and hiss.

They can kill plants and animals and alter life outdoors. Many people think they are ugly.

But they can also reduce the country’s climate emissions, providing income and job opportunities.

Now, many facilities will be completed soon. When wind turbines are erected and visible, they trigger feedback.

This led to increased resistance and the formation of a national action group. They want to settle in court.

– We want to protect animals, bird life and people’s health

Mayor Sarah Skengstad (Sp) in the neighboring municipality of Alvear said the board had been briefed on the plans.

– As I explain the presidency, we are interested to know more about the project. I didn’t record anyone who was clearly negative. It is an opportunity to gain more power. But of course it depends on the location and height of the turbines, says the mayor of Alvear.

She adds that municipal politicians are very vocal opponents when it comes to wind power on the mountain, but Mongstad can be valued because it is an industrial area.

NRK has asked all parties in the two municipalities what they think of the wind turbines in Möngstad, and the answer lies in each municipality’s electoral register.

Most of the major parties responded that they “somewhat agree” or “totally agree”. It was mostly the smaller parties who replied, “I don’t quite agree.”

The Millennium Development Goals support development

Even the Green Party (MDG), which is fiercely opposed to large wind projects in the mountains, for example in Ardal, is behind the project in Möngstad.

They answered “I totally agree” in the valomat of Elver.

– We’re opening up some onshore wind power, for example in an industrial area like Möngstad, says Vestland MDG’s lead candidate, Nils-Anders Notsetter.

The party’s national victory on their websites They support wind energy in industrial areas.

– All areas need to be evaluated specifically, but here there is an exciting potential, type of party.

A tanker on its way to the oil refinery at Mongstad.

Mongstad, north of Bergen, is known, among other things, for having a large oil refinery located in the industrial area.

Photo: Marit Humedal/NTB

The Nature Conservancy says no

But even if many are positive, the Nordjordland Nature Conservancy, among others, oppose wind power development at Möngstad.

– In our local team, we have put in the work program that we are against all industrial wind power on Earth, said the leader of the local team Jan Nordu For the Nordordland newspaper Earlier this year.

He points out, among other things, that the development will have consequences for neighbors and the use of the surrounding area, both noise and that the turbines will be visible.

Nordo assures NRK that they stand the same today.

Neighbors: – Concerned about the noise level

The Funen District Association, which represents many of those who live near Mönstadt, wrote in a statement to NRK that they were concerned about the noise situation.

And they confirm it Any construction must take place at a long distance from the areas where there are already houses, and not conflict with the new residential areas that are being planned.

– HThe possible construction of wind turbines in the Möngstad district should not affect living conditions in the nearby residential area, writes rural association leader Oesten Osterheim.

NVE has informed NRK that they do not know of any other wind power plants in this country that are directly comparable to those shown at Mongstad.

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