Tesla Mining Bitcoin in Texas – E24

Tesla Mining Bitcoin in Texas - E24

Block Dorsey, the electric car giant and founder of Twitter, will mine Bitcoin together using solar energy.

Elon Musk recently opened a new factory in Austin, Texas. Here, Tesla summits on stage on Tuesday, April 7th during the opening gala called Cyber ​​Rodeo.
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Because even though you can no longer buy Tesla with bitcoin as a payment method, it seems as if Tesla is not done with cryptocurrency.

The collaboration between Tesla, Block and crypto company Blockstream, in Texas, will take place on a solar-powered battery factory, according to Bloomberg.

The extraction plant will use Tesla’s energy storage technology with rechargeable batteries, Blockstream CEO Adam Back says during the Bitcoin conference in Miami.

The collaboration became known just days after Elon Musk became the largest contributor to Twitter, which was founded by, among others, Jack Dorsey, with whom he will now mine bitcoin.

Dorsey has always been a driving force in decentralizing bitcoin mining, in other words ensuring that mining is not only done by large individual players, wrote Bloomberg who further noted that Block recently went to buy Intel computer chips to mine bitcoin.

In Tesla’s Q1 report, it was announced that the company had placed a bitcoin worth NOK 21.5 billion.

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