Knutsen puts Roma goalkeeper coach on the floor – VG

Knutsen puts Roma goalkeeper coach on the floor - VG
After the match: Ketel Knutsen after Thursday’s victory over Roma. In the background, Roma coach Jose Mourinho complained to the fourth official.

BODØ/OSLO (VG) After being choked by Roma goalkeeper coach Nuno Santos during a noise at Aspmyra Thursday night, Bodø/Glimt coach Kjetil Knutsen is said to have put Santos on the ground.


This is what Bodø/Glimt General Manager Frode Thomassen told VG on Friday afternoon:

– This is correct. It happened after the physical attack that came from the goalkeeper’s coach. Then leave. Thomassen says when asked if it’s true that Knutsen left Santos on Earth, says Kjetil (Knutsen) he behaved very well.

“I play football because it is something I am passionate about and make myself happy. Experiencing unsportsmanlike close-up manipulation makes me sad,” says Kjetil Knutsen in one. press release.

“Everything culminated in a physical attack on me in the player tunnel. I’m usually normal so I’ll walk away. In that case I was physically assaulted. He grabbed me by the neck and pushed me against the wall. It’s normal for me to defend myself then” – and I must have It ended up leaving Santos on the floor.

Captain Roma Lorenzo Pellegrini Thursday night Glimt coach accused To attack the Roma goalkeeper coach.

– Pellegrini said something at first, then attacked him physically Sky Sport Italia.

Kjetil Knutsen has been informed of the review, but she does not wish to comment on the matter.

Bodo/Glimt reported Santos to the police, and UEFA opened a disciplinary case after the incident.

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In accordance with Article 31 (4) of the UEFA Disciplinary Regulations, an Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector has been appointed to conduct a disciplinary investigation into the reported incidents that allegedly occurred at the end of the 2021/22 UEFA Europa League quarter-final match between FK Bodo/Glimt and AS Roma, writes UEFA in a statement.

– I think it’s very good that they take the case and appoint one inspectorThomasen says.

– It is good that UEFA is dealt with quickly, so that they can calculate the course of events. Since the start of the match, there have been a lot of provocations and harassment. The way they talk to the bench, especially with Kjetil, ends with a physical attack in the player’s tunnel. I’ve experimented with the issue being with the fact that the whole behavior is not just an attack on Kjetil and Glimt, but on the values ​​of the entire football, says Thomassen.

Bodo/Glimt wrote in a press release on Friday afternoon that UEFA has a video of the incident and they have asked the public to access this video. Thomassen has not seen this himself, but is sure to confirm the club version.

– I just want him out, but it’s not us who decide. That’s what the licensee and UEFA do, says Thomassen.

Sporting director Christian Oma in Nynet, who owns the ECA rights in Norway, says the accident happened around the same time when they stopped broadcasting, and that the camera that captured the accident is not allowed to be used. In non-tours. However, this should have depicted the accident.

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– We will only refer to the official contact. We have no further comments as we investigate, writes UEFA for VG.

Goalkeeper coach: Nuno Santos on the sidelines during Thursday’s game in Aspmera.

Thomasen says that the club is no longer in contact with Roma about physical attacks in the players’ tunnel, but they have been in contact towards the second leg of the European League quarter-final that will be held at the Stadio Olimpico next Thursday. .

Bodo/Glimt travels there with one 1-2 lead Going forward, but what awaits the visit of fans far away in the Italian capital, many are wondering.

– Everyone who wants to follow us down should note that there was some excitement. It brings a dimension with it, but if you do well, there are a lot of nice Romans out there too, Thomassen says and that’s what will always be with the police and security guards on the trip.

Earlier on Friday, before the press release was sent out, VG was informed of the noise in the player tunnel:

  • Roma goalkeeper coach Nuno Santos is said to have been waiting for Kjetil Knutsen. There was a slap in the face as the Roma coach physically confronted him and took his hand on the neck of Knutzen who defended himself.
  • The players were locked inside the locker room and not allowed to go out into the lobby. A person was standing guard at the door, after which the players had to pass through the physiotherapy room on the field as they exited.
  • The press was informed that Ulrich Saltnis and Hugo Wittelsen were to attend the press conference, but instead it was Marius Hebraten who attended.
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VG provided the information that Santos had strangled Kjetil Knutsen to AS Roma. They have not yet responded to our inquiries.

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