Red Bull avoids fines

Red Bull avoids fines
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen in the United States last weekend.

Red Bull retains WC points for the 2021 season, Max Verstappen retains the WC title and the verdict is final. Viaplay commentator Atle Gulbrandsen thinks penalties in Formula 1 are generally too lenient.


It will be clear after the FIA ​​comes on Friday wisdom In the event that Red Bull spent more money than the budget cap for the 2021 season.

The ruling is twofold:

  • Red Bull should get out by approx. A fine of 72 million Norwegian kroner.
  • Red Bull has a 10 per cent reduction in wind tunnel usage in testing – compared to its rivals – next year.
  • Red Bull must also pay the legal costs.

According to a press release, the Red Bull team has already agreed to the penalty.

According to the FIA, the overspending should be “only” 22 million NOK.

– Perhaps this is where we thought the punishment would come, says Viaplay commentator Atle Gulbrandsen.

– But in general, I think the penalties for Formula 1 are very light. You can get away with breaking the rules, without being punished too much. Looking at the previous penalties, this still seems like a correct and expected sentence. But as I said: I would have liked to see Formula 1 punish rule violations more severely.

Could breaking the budget cap alone be enough for Verstappen to lose the WC title?

– That’s a good question – because spending a lot of money will give the team an edge over the competition. Then you have to ask yourself whether it is right not to deduct any points for it. And is this penalty severe enough to prevent other teams from overspending later? Attlee Gulbrandsen asks.

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Here’s what the Sky Sports expert thinks:

Thus, Max Verstappen retains the world championship title, which he won in a fierce competition with Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes chief Toto Wolff said on Friday he thought the sentence was lenient, but was happy after all that the FIA ​​”did not sweep it under the rug”.

The budget ceiling in Formula 1 is NOK 1.5 billion. The FIA ​​recently stated that Red Bull had a minor roof breach. With the increase being less than five percent of the total, it’s considered a less serious violation, according to Autosport. The penetration is only 1.6 percent. Adjusted for a tax issue, it’s just 0.37 percent, according to Sky Sports.

Aston Martin has also gone over the maximum budget a Formula 1 team can have. They are now condemned A fine of 4.6 million Norwegian kroner.

Max Verstappen won the 2021 World Championship after a very exciting finish in Abu Dhabi, where he led Verstappen past Lewis Hamilton on the last lap and took the title. Mercedes lodged a protest, it was rejected and Max Verstappen was crowned world champion.

What happened in Abu Dhabi of course should never have happened, but at the same time they can’t include it in the over-budget assessment, Attlee Gulbrandsen tells VG.

His colleague Stein Petersen wrote this on Twitter:

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