Deputy Commander of the Russian 18th Army killed

Deputy Commander of the Russian 18th Army killed

according to Ukrainian media Authorities in Djestan, home to the military command of the Russian army, confirmed the death.

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Magomedali Magomedzhanov was second in command of Russia's 18th Combined Arms Army. He died in a hospital in the Russian-occupied city of Sevastopol in the Crimean Peninsula.

He fought in Syria alongside Assad

However, the report from Dagestan did not specify where and when the damage occurred. The senior officer's death was announced on February 14.

Before assuming command of the 18th Army, he reportedly commanded the 61st Marine Infantry Brigade on the border with Kirkenes. It was this division, among others, that was converted early during the invasion, and which suffered very heavy losses in the first phase of the war.

He is also said to have served in the North Caucasus and Dagestan, before carrying out missions in Syria alongside Assad in the bloody civil war.

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video: Putin on the Russian invasion: – An important victory

– Another tragedy of Putin's war

according to British Ministry of Defence Russia's 18th Combined Arms Army is said to have been established last August “to make more experienced units available to fight on key axes” in Ukraine.

– Magomedzhanov performed his military duty in the military special operations zone. This military operation was the fourth and unfortunately the last for the Colonel. His death was another tragedy of Putin's war, wrote Sergei Melikov, the head of the Dagestan region where the officer originally came from. the sun.

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According to the military newspaper Red Star, Magomedzhanov is described as a “courageous, resolute and resolute paratrooper officer.”

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