She showed up at the post office with a dead body

She showed up at the post office with a dead body

Post office workers in the Irish city of Carlow on Friday witnessed an unusual incident.

A man went to the post office to try to recover another man’s pension. When the employees announced that the same pensioner had to be present to be able to pay the amount, the man left the post office.

Shortly thereafter, he appeared again with another man – and a corpse.

– Strange case

The two men are said to have “supported” the deceased at the post office.

However, the men were again deprived of money. He later claimed that they fled the scene and left the body at the post office, according to the report Watchman.

The staff was shaken by the accident. It’s a strange and worrying situation, local councilor Fergal Byrne says in a statement.

Carlo Mayor Ken Mornan also described the incident as shocking.

– I park there the whole time. It’s a very busy post office, as there is usually a queue outside. I was totally shocked when I heard what happened. I can’t believe anyone did such a thing. It’s like a movie, according to the channel.


A post office employee sounded the alarm about the accident after he suspected something was wrong.

The police have now launched an investigation into the case and will investigate the circumstances of the pensioner’s death.

An autopsy will be carried out, as the results will be crucial to a further investigation, Irish police spokesman Garda says.

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