A clear message from Harid: – I will not return

A clear message from Harid: - I will not return

– I’m not so fast! It’s been a long time since I did this. Try again!

Åge Hareide (68) is unhappy with a pass from a player. In a direct but friendly tone, he asks the 15-year-old to try again.

He’s back in the field, but only for one day. At Askvoll in Vestland, Åge Hareide leads a session for the 15 girls’ team at the local club.

The last time he coached a football team was in December. The 68-year-old then ended his career as a coach for more than 30 years. Now retired – a life he enjoyed so far.

– it is very beautiful. It’s good not to be responsible for too many people. When you have time off, you have time off. Fortunately, Hared says, I can relax, so it’s nice.

It is now clear that Hareide will serve as a pundit during the World Cup in Qatar for NRK, but other than that, life will be devoted to what he himself wants to do – such as a visit to Askvoll.

He used the spring to build a hut in Utroia outside of Molde. It was completed before Easter, and since then has mostly stayed there.

– It’s a nice place to enjoy freedom.

Instructions: Siren Farhan listens to Åge Hareide’s message on the training ground. Photo: Ingrid Wollberg/TV 2

– Good for the head

He has somewhat withdrawn from the spotlight and has been quite a bit in the media after his departure from Rosenborg in December. It was a deliberate act by the former national team manager of Norway and Denmark.

I don’t miss everything about working as a football coach with all the hustle and bustle. And the questions you ask in the press, he says with a tone and laughter.

The demanding lifestyle as a football coach – the job that consumes the most time and energy – he left behind. The 68-year-old is enjoying the new life.

– More useful for the head, because the treadmill is actually running all the time. I’ve always felt very responsible in the jobs I’ve held. You have to lead and you have to deliver. You feel it on your body after a season. You may be a little drained and need new energy to start over.

– I don’t have to think about it, now I can wake up every day and choose to do whatever I want. It is wonderful.

Åge Hareid’s coaching career

1985-91: My birth

1993-97: My birth

1998-99: Helsingborg

2000-02: Brondby

2003: Rosenborg

2003-08: Norway

2009: Urguerite

2012-12: Viking

2012: Helsingborg

2014-15: Malmö

2015-20: Denmark

2020-21: Rosenborg

We want universal football

The thing he’s finally getting is a visit to Askvoll, a few hours north of Bergen. Through his acquaintance, he sent a tribute video to the club, who wondered if he could consider visiting them as well.

He hadn’t had time to train at the highest level, but now he had the chance. Hareed got into the car from Molde and traveled south. During his three-day stay in Askfol, he visited a class at the school, gave a lecture to the village and coached one of the club’s youth teams.

They tried several exercises used by professional football players, and also received clear messages from the guest manager.

– No body talk! Do you not speak at school? Hared asked a lot to laugh at the players.

There were a few who stopped training when news came that Harid would take the session. That about 20 girl players between the ages of 14 and 15 attended in a municipality of less than 3,000 residents sparked Harid’s enthusiasm.

– It’s impressive what they’ve achieved and how many have shown up. If my visit inspires me a bit, I’m glad to attend.

Hareide and Eriksen praised in the park

Big and important

Åge Hareide grew up in a similar place, in Hareid in Møre og Romsdal. He compares his childhood which led to a successful playing career at Manchester City and Norwich, among others.

Norway is built like this, with small communities taking root and doing charitable work that ensures a good start in life for young people. Where there is a church there is a football field. He says volunteering in Norway is big and important.

Hared believes that the most important thing of all is that everyone can join.

You must make sure that football does not exclude people. It is for girls and boys, poor and rich, all races and orientations, religion and so on. There should be room for everyone. It is important that we take care of him.

– If we do that, we will have good citizens. Together with school, they learn good habits. He says this is how you create good people.

During the visit, he stopped by a class at the school and gave advice to young people about what might be life wise.

Always do what you want to do, it was part of the message.

Committed students: ge Hareide gave a class lecture, and in return received several interesting questions.  Messi or Ronaldo?  asked a student.  Messi replied.  Photo: Ingrid Wollberg/TV 2

Committed students: ge Hareide gave a class lecture, and in return received several interesting questions. Messi or Ronaldo? asked a student. Messi replied. Photo: Ingrid Wollberg/TV 2

Football applauds for girls

That it was a girls team who enjoyed a visit from Hareed, he thought it was very interesting.

– I was asked if I could coach a girls’ team, and that worked for me. Interest and quality are increasing, more girls are playing football, and this is important for interest in football in general.

Throughout the session, children aged 14-15 receive regular praise from Harid, who was impressed by their skills.

Girls are very conscientious and diligent. Appears in coaching work when I talk to coaches here.

When he lost as coach of the national team of Norway to the Czech Republic in 2005 spoiling the chances of going to the World Cup the following year, he said the following, which created reactions:

They (women) can say whatever they want. We got stuck in high heels. That’s what ladies do, he said at the time.

He didn’t mean it negatively, as he says 17 years later:

He has nothing to do with football players. It has more to do with the clothes of the ladies in general, and the symbolism of their clothes at the party. It was not intended negatively. He pointed out that Norway at that time was one of the best countries.

Now there is no doubt but the excitement that can be traced back from the 68 years. The evolution around women’s football, with spectator registrations both in Europe and at Toppserien, is delighted Hareide.

– Incredibly beautiful. The development of society as a whole is again shown in connection with the development of football. There will be more equality, more good girls in all different kinds of professions. The process of gender equality has been going on for a long time, and may still be going on.

Smiles: There was a warm and nice atmosphere on the Askvoll sports field.  Photo: Ingrid Wollberg/TV 2

Smiles: There was a warm and nice atmosphere on the Askvoll sports field. Photo: Ingrid Wollberg/TV 2

refuses to return

It wasn’t hard to see Åge Hareide enjoying his time on the Askvoll football field. He admits he misses parts of his coaching life.

The biggest loss is being with other people. You miss your colleagues and your workplace. It is a bubble in which you live closely with your colleagues. Day after day, year after year. miss.

With more free time, it is also time to consider his career. When I had children’s cancer today earlier this year. And an invitation to wear soccer jerseys, he pulled the ensemble of kits out of his career.

Then he understood what he was involved in.

– There were 50 suits of different classes and opponents. Everything from the ’80s kits to the jerseys you’ve always had as a national team coach. Behind every suit is a story and a battle. You don’t think too much about it there and then, but when I look back now I can go back and remember the time I was as a player and coach.

There are mostly good memories he left from his career, where he achieved success in many countries. But one thing annoys him a little.

Failure: Norway failed to qualify for the 2008 European Championship - something that bothers Harid to this day.  Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen

Failure: Norway failed to qualify for the 2008 European Championship – something that bothers Harid to this day. Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen

– The only thing is that we did not qualify for the 2008 European Championship with Norway. We thought we were good enough at the time. There are little things that can turn the load around, and football is made up of mistakes. He says, fortunately, I am very happy to win things.

He was previously retired from football as well. After a few years as head coach of the Vikings and a temporary position at Helsingborg, he put an end to it. In 2013, former economist and auditor Haredi was appointed as Managing Director of Aukra Næringsforum.

Football is definitely on the shelf, Hared told Romsdal’s Podstick in 2013.

Eight months passed, and then he returned to the circus as a coach for Malmö. In a year and a half, there were the Golden League matches and the Champions League group matches. The years in Denmark were also successful.

There are still inquiries.

– There are things I rejected. Because I decided to stop, it just didn’t fit. Agents are working all the time and all over the world to get football coaches. And some of them may still keep my number, smiling.

– Are there any chances that you will turn around – that you can come back again?

– I won’t come back again. It is a period in my life that is now over. I am happy that I am in good health and can use my free time in a positive way.

No Return: Åge Hareide won't be returning as coach - he's decided.  Photo: Ingrid Wollberg/TV 2

No Return: Åge Hareide won’t be returning as coach – he’s decided. Photo: Ingrid Wollberg/TV 2

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