Longing for seriousness – our country

Longing for seriousness - our country

One night this winter, the kids suggested watching The Voice, a talent show on TV2. We opened. A friendly and calm program appeared on the screen, where the talented revealed their singing skills in front of a panel of judges who judged them for good looks and an audience who loved them. This is not always the case on television.

A little outside the program, we heard a distinct sound. The singer was hidden first, so that the tone appeared completely naked. It turns out it was 20-year-old Emma Wake who sang, a beautiful version of Eric Bay’s “Our Best Day.” The judges cried. The audience cried. Far on the chair I saw a tear in the corner of my husband’s eye. I don’t know enough about music to describe the quality of sound, but there was something so crisp and beautiful, almost ethereal, about Wake’s voice, that rarely impressed me.

no humor

Since then I came back and saw Clip on YouTube Repeatedly. What is this so wonderful? I checked the singer’s face. She is very serious. Stands still, moves with only one hand. It is hard to imagine that one could be less composed than her. Its only focus is the song, maybe we see a wave of smile as all the judges turn to it at the same time. But she is fully present in what she does, and by not performing, she has the most powerful presence of all who were on stage that night. Emma Wake takes music seriously.

To me, seriousness can be much more intoxicating than laughter

Åste Dokka

An acquaintance of mine heard me give a lecture once, after which we talked a little about it. He was a little confused. He said you’re usually a funny person. Why not be funny on the podium? I hadn’t thought of that before, but he was right. I wasn’t funny or comic. I notice that I don’t do that either Wants Be funny. For me, it might be cheap to have to plead with laughter when I’m standing in front of a board. as a hoax. By daring to get totally serious, you might gain something other than making room for fun.

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I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh. I think it’s delicious, and I think we need it. It creates community and lightness. However, there are also benefits to not making offers of everything. To me, seriousness can be much more intoxicating than laughter.

One of the best things I know is to be in a conversation where he has room to not lighten the mood, get distracted, or open the valve. But instead of looking each other in the eye, seeing each other’s seriousness, seeing that something touches deeply and personally. There is something at stake, which shouldn’t hurt to laugh. There is little that is as intimate as being completely serious together. Little creates this very distinctive form of existential human society.

annoying smile

One day I was talking to a very experienced priest who was amazed at the priests’ youth. Why do they smile when they convey serious things? Especially women in our culture are trained to smile, and that seems friendly and harmless. But when what is said is no less harmful or pleasant, the smile is annoying. Erna Solberg is good at not softening her words with a small smile and laughter. We may not feel like inviting her to a birthday party, but she manages to focus on the message.

In contrast to joy, seriousness is entirely in the social aspect and thus represents a tremendous freedom from pretense and adaptation.

Åste Dokka

Seriousness can turn and become gloomy and dark. Joy can also be deep and sincere. But in contrast to joy, seriousness is entirely in the social aspect, and thus represents a tremendous liberation from industrialization and adaptation. If you’re serious first, it opens up things that can’t be talked about much. She worked as a priest for several tours. As a pastor, I sometimes spent time penetrating social life, attempts at witchcraft and admiration, and getting to the heart of the matter, the reason one should look for a pastor. Because it is rarely joy that makes it necessary to cross the threshold of the chamber of grief.

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The Bishop of Uppsala, Karen Johansson, narrated in one recent theater talk On a note I made as a college teacher: Young people crave seriousness. There are very few places where seriousness has a place in our time. Everything is set to light and fast, creating the desire for a deeper meaning.

Sincerity and courage

in Article in Psychology Journal Espen Håland tells about a patient he called a. Treatment required due to depressive symptoms. She poured a light, shallow stream of speech, before finally becoming self-confident and present. Then dark rooms can be opened. Symptoms of A’s worsened, but nevertheless the move toward seriousness was a step forward, Haaland writes. I finally found the words for who she was while socializing.

It’s dangerous not to pull the light off your sleeve when something is painful, sad, or not enjoyable at all.

Åste Dokka

Seriousness is associated with sincerity and courage. Emma Wake teaches us that it is also a source of true existence and what is so beautiful that we should cry rather than smile and laugh. This is how earnestness enriches us.

Laughter can be a distraction sometimes. Fear of meeting someone without the protection of humor, I feel for myself. It’s dangerous not to pull the light out of the sleeve when something is painful, sad, or not enjoyable at all.

As a liturgy, I’m very serious. Since I look really grumpy when I don’t smile, I’m sending completely wrong signals about my mood while on duty. But I’m not angry. I focus on the present. I try to do what I have to, without any social lubricant to take away for vacation or rubbing. When I see Emma Wake, I know I’m on the right track.

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