A famous eel from Hallingdale has died

A famous eel from Hallingdale has died

RIP: A very rare moose lived for about a year and a half. Photo: Hennik Olsen

– She was very sick, thin and listless.

This is what Dorgil Toke, field consultant of Hole Municipality says Hallingdolan.

Rare elk with white and gray fur graced the front pages of the country after the first pictures appeared – including VG of course!

Watch the video of the national celebrity:

A moose is a cow for about a year and a half.

Dorgil tells Dok Hallingdolen that he went to the west side of Hovsfjord on Saturday after receiving a report that the moose had died.

However, it turns out that she is alive.

– I was away and could touch her. She lay completely still, Doke says, and the decision was quickly made to euthanize the emaciated moose.

– It is not uncommon for lean animals to die at this time of year. After a long winter, they have used up their reserves, and the pasture is still poor.

Adele Misteret, a professor of ecology at the University of Oslo, specializes in deer. He previously told VG that the elk had a genetic defect that “Piebald».

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Then the moose gets a mix of white and dark clothing. It's a form of leukism, but not a true albino, according to Mysteret.

– This is very rare. A somewhat white moose is common in Sweden, but I've never seen that color pattern before in Norway, Mysteret told VG when the moose was spotted before Christmas.

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