– A group of insecure people who have anxiety and need to be labeled

– A group of insecure people who have anxiety and need to be labeled

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Pop artist Astrid S lifts the veil on her love life, and in the same context comes with a strong blow to those working in the entertainment industry.

In the podcast for Fetisha WilliamsIdol +1 run PlatformAstrid Smeblas, 27, says she prefers to date people who are not in the same field as her.

The entertainment industry is a collection of insecure people with anxiety and the need to differentiate themselves.

– It's an interesting one mobilize“Then the artist says and laughs.

However, she points out that there are also many good people in this industry.

VG has tried to get a comment from Smeplass.

Vague answers to individual questions

Earlier in the episode, host Vitisha Williams asked if the artist was single.

– No, that's it, or…

– I'm not in the market so to speak, says Astrid S.

Moreover, the artist made it clear that she is “not interested” and that there have not been many dates so far this year.

– This year I was probably at zero.

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On the other hand, when asked if there was anyone in her sights, she answered succinctly:

– no.

The artist, who rose to fame after participating in the talent competition “Idol” in 2013, today has more than 6.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

In 2020, the artist confirmed to the fashion magazine like It's over between her and her boyfriend, Per Christian Wessel.

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She says she doesn't date much.

– I feel a bit like I meet someone through him, and I also fall into a relationship, says the artist, explaining that this process repeats itself.

– So I'm in that relationship – and then it's over.

She says that in her group of friends they joke that Astrid S is “a bit picky.”

“I am very omnivorous,” she says, explaining that she does not have a specific “type.”

Find out why julie bergan thinks she is and Astrid S They receive a different kind of attention than their male colleagues:

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