Wall Street rises ahead of important quarterly reports

Wall Street rises ahead of important quarterly reports

Wall Street rose on the first day of what will be an important week in terms of quarterly reports. Meta Platforms, IBM, General Motors, Boeing, Microsoft, Alphabet and Tesla are among the companies that will present numbers throughout the week.

“The world is slowly sliding into a war economy, affecting interest rates and the stock market. The growth of the US economy is now twice that of other G7 countries, and is driven by a strong desire to invest, rearm, and decline at home.” Productivity growth and innovation strong in the United States, leading to higher US technology stock prices,” says Elizabeth Holvick, chief economist in a report by SpareBank 1.

The 10-year US government bond yield is 4.65 percent, while the VIX index, also called the fear index, fell 8.93 percent to 17.04.

On Friday, industry leader Nvidia fell as much as ten percent on the New York Stock Exchange. Morgan Stanley is not backed by the economic downturn and, according to CNBC, is reiterating its overweight recommendation for technology stocks.


This is how it went with the major indexes on Wall Street:

  • The Dow Jones index rose 0.67 percent to 38,240.31 points.
  • The Standard & Poor's 500 index rose 0.88% to 5,011.09 points.
  • The Nasdaq index rose 1.11 percent to 15,451.31 points.


Mixed for Alphabet “The Magnificent Seven”, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia and Tesla:

  • Facebook shares rose 0.14 percent to 481.73 points
  • Amazon shares rose 1.49 percent to 177.23 points
  • Apple shares rose 0.51 percent to 165.84
  • Netflix shares fell 0.08 percent to 554.60 points
  • Alphabet shares rose 1.43 percent to 157.95 points
  • Tesla shares fell 3.40 percent to 142.05
  • Nvidia shares rose 4.35 percent to 795.18
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Price of a barrel of North Sea oil Brent It rose 0.16 percent to 87.34
Dollar per barrel. West Texas Intermediate crude oil– Oil fell 0.11 percent to $82.60 a barrel.

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