June 11, 2023


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A journey through time and space

The combination of Kjerringøy Handelssted and Jektefartsmuseet gives you a real deep dive into the raw coastal culture, feeling the full range of emotions.

real highway

The coast, the old National Highway 1. Where commercial stations lie like pearls on a string. Kjerringøy became a power base in the north, so powerful in fact that Bodø did not play a central role until the 20th century. . This is where they stored the fish, and this is where they sold the fish.

Fishermen, a life in which the man sailed to Lofoten and went to Finnmarka. A household where the wife ran the farm and looked after the children. Fiskerbonden, a crossbreed that has been carefully adapted to the northern Norwegian coastal community.

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Annual fishing trip to Bergen. Dried fish trade at a high level, strength and powerlessness. profit and risk. It was an eternal battle against the weather gods.

The yacht cruise, where the boats return, is laden with international pulses, spices, salt, coffee, spirits and wine.

Clean treasure chest

This treasure chest can be found at Kjerringøy Handelsted and Jektefartsmuseet.

So how can museums present this – in 2023?

Yes, you can visit a mall where the entire cultural environment of the 19th century has been frozen in time, represented among other things by 15 listed buildings with original interiors.

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19th Century: The exhibits give you a real time travel feel.

Real traditional food

You can sample traditional foods that include everything from squid, dried fish and croaker cake to local rhubarb, veal and sheep.

You can try Queen’s fish soup, beef stew and møsbrømlefse. During the season, there are already up to 1,000 levs, made by hand on site.

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You can wander among playful goats, and get guided tours by local experts. Sitting in an English landscaped garden surrounded by pine, birch and fragrant lilac trees. Be fascinated by the way Siberian roses build their own “room” – a small natural gazebo with a round stone table in the middle.


This is the place where you can watch a photo game that will bring tears to your eyes before entering a booth full of trinkets and sweets.

Kjerringøy Handelssted is a nostalgia bomb where you are taken back in time. This is a living museum that proves once and for all just how forward-looking northern Norwegian coastal societies really were in the 19th century. It wasn’t isolated villages, but bustling towns that made bacalao based on Portuguese recipes.

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Deep Dive: The Yacht Museum gives you a real deep dive into the raw coastal culture, where you can experience the full range of emotions.

only complete

At Jektefartsmuseet, stories come in different forms, whether in the form of ‘theater’, guided tours or the opportunity to immerse yourself via digital platforms. Yachting is also at the center here, with a full boat as the main attraction. In addition, there are exhibits showcasing the fishing community and metropolitan city of Bergen in the 19th century.

At Restaurant Vengen Skafferi, local traditions and ingredients are used along with food that has been transported on yachts to and from Nordland. The food profile is built on these raw materials and traditions presented as modern dishes. The focus is on the country pies and sourdough served here.

With both brown cheese and strawberry jam, but also with salmon. The classic meatloaf sandwich is also a crowd favorite. There’s always a bucket or two of red snapper at the ready, and when one of the many events takes place, it’s made for ‘fine dining’, where the menu is also accompanied by lively storytelling.

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work hours

Kjerringøy mall

Open Saturday January 21st

At 11.30 – 15.00

Summer season 2023

May 19 – August 27:

Open daily from 11.00 – 17.00

Open the second Saturday of September

At 11.30 – 15.00

Yacht Museum

Monday: Tuesday – Friday

Closed 11.00-16.00

Saturday Sunday:

11.00 – 17.00

National holidays: closed

Summer season 2023

June 19 – August 20

Monday – Wednesday: 11.00-17.00


11.00 – 20.00

Friday – Sunday: 11.00-17.00

National holidays: closed