A new headache for Apple

A new headache for Apple

It is not unusual for owners of new dubbing devices to initially report problems.

All the while, smartphones like the iPhone have been affected by childhood problems or illnesses, some more serious than others. Some may still remember the “antenna gate” in connection with the launch of the iPhone 4.

This year we got the iPhone 15, and this time overheating was the number one issue that many people complained about. It didn’t take long before Apple released an update to address this.

Confirm problems

Complaints about screen burn-in

But now an increasing number of users have reported that the OLED displays on the iPhone 15 Pro Max are suffering from so-called burn-in problems.

the site Me more I mentioned it first.

On boats Apple discussion forum And Reddit They shared images of what appear to be apps etched onto the home screen of the latest iPhones.

Not sure what the reason is

So-called burn-in was a known problem on older CRT monitors, but this also happened on OLED displays. This usually occurs after the screen displays the same image for a long period of time.

What could be the cause this time is unknown, although there are several theories. The common complaint so far seems to be that owners are using the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

So far, the problem does not appear to be widespread.

The discussion is certainly taking place in discussion forums.

– Embarrassing, writes a user in a Reddit thread.

-You’re wrong, someone else writes (this was Apple’s suggestion when people had antenna problems with the iPhone 4, editor’s note)

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This is very disappointing

This is very disappointing

No more complaints than usual

AppleInsiderwho has collected various statistics from sources across Apple’s service chain since 2015, wrote that based on the total number of burn-in reports, there are currently fewer complaints than there were in mid-October in the past three years.

– This can be attributed to different launch times, but in the end there is no statistically significant deviation in errors, as the site writes.

On Reddit, one user wrote that they went to Apple’s Genius Bar and traded in their phone for a new one.

If you experience a data burn issue on your new iPhone, we recommend contacting Apple directly.

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