A rescue helicopter has been launched to search for a missing teenager in Luster

A rescue helicopter has been launched to search for a missing teenager in Luster

Nearly 40 volunteers have been searching for the boy since Sunday night.

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The teenager went missing around 00.30 pm on Saturday.

The boy was found last Friday around 10.30 pm. As he did not come even on Saturday, the parents filed a complaint at the police station.

On Saturday evening, a massive search for the boy was launched.

Around 40 volunteers from the Red Cross, Norwegian People’s Aid and Norwegian Rescue Dogs are assisting in the search.

On Sunday night, police operations manager Evind Hellesund told BT that a rescue helicopter was also included in the search.

Search in restricted area

Sven Inge Harberg, the incident chief of police in Leicester, tells Chogn Avis that searches are underway in the area where some of the phone calls came from.

– It’s uncertain, but we have it. Police chief Svein Inge Harberg says anyone with information is urged to report it to the police. Newspaper.

Operations manager Eivind Hellesund says it is uncertain whether the search will continue through the night.

– It depends on site conditions. A rescue helicopter is immediately in the area, Hellesund says.

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