– absolutely sick – V.G

- absolutely sick - V.G
Comrades and colleagues: Oskar Westerlin (TV) and Jørgen “Jolle” Feldberg at the “Contoret” in Frökner on Tuesday evening.

Influencer Oskar Westerlin (24) and his friend Jørgen “Jolle” Fjeldberg (23) have been given free rein on their new project.

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The VGTV series “Oskar og Jølle” premieres from Wednesday morning. The audience should be a part of it New The office in Frakner is where Westerlin and podcast partner Snore Klanderud (27) record their popular podcast “The Office” as well as YouTube and TikTok content.

– People in Zodal try to stop me, but they say they can’t get rid of me. Then it’s better to stick your nose in another channel, laughs Oskar.

– And Joelle wants to be Norway’s answer to the Kardashians, she jokes.

Although the series bears their name, Snorri also becomes a regular feature.

– The podcast is still available. Oscar assures us that even if we make the TV it will work.

The series promises “a unique insight into how today’s youth band together and act in the battle for followers and likes.”

Oskar is one of Norway’s biggest influencers on TikTok (436,000 followers), Instagram (111,000 followers), YouTube, podcasts and Snapchat. Now having his permanent base in the capital, the man from Porskren is more than happy to get his own series on TV.

– It is completely green, he adds:

– We will have many guests throughout the fall. It’s really sickening.

Guest: Influencer Kevin Lauren (TV) appears in the first episode.

Visitors can join programs, tours, appointments and dental visits.

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– Have you received any restrictions from VGTV management on what you can and cannot do?

– Not really. Free to go. We even offered NOK 20,000 if the cameraman acted. He has to think about it, replies Oskar, known from VGTV’s “Spårtsklubben”.

A lot of wine

– The wine will flow in the first chapter. Considering you have a young fan base, what did you evaluate?

– Pods contain some alcohol. People have the impression that I drink a lot, but if I set aside a day to record podcasts, YouTube and other things, the content spreads over months, explains Oskar.

– Maybe it seems like I’m drunk every day, but that’s not true. Instead, I need it every day. I’m not afraid to set a bad example.

VGTV boss: – No problem

Thor-Erik Claussen, VGTV’s television manager, tells VG that it’s natural to show alcohol.

– In this series, we follow some of the country’s biggest content creators on social media who speak directly to thousands of young people every day. Alcohol is part of this content, and it’s only natural that it’s part of the series, he says.

– However, our goal is for SoMe followers to get to know Oskar and Jølle and get an insight into how they run some of the biggest SoMe accounts in the country, and he explains what work is behind all the likes and comments.

– So far we have not experienced alcohol as a problem, but we are aware of our responsibility as senders and this is an issue we will deal with, says Klassen.

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About money

In “Oskar og Jølle”, Oskar talks about the flow of money and that he is a millionaire.

– It is difficult to say how much money I have, because everything is in the company, where Joll and I each have 50 percent. But a few months ago the office had 1.1 million. Oscar says it’s a sign things are moving in the right direction.

– Most of it is put into equipment and new content. We pay Snorre NOK 90 per hour. You can quote me, he adds.

How many episodes the TV series will have has not been decided. They will be released “at some point,” it said.

SoMe-FJES: Oskar Westerlin.

Oskar Westerlin is attached Maximum social, which is a wholly owned profile company of VGTV AS. VG’s editorial assessments are made independently of this. Hosts are free. An overview of bindings for profiles performing tasks for VG is located Here.

Correction: VG originally wrote Jørgen’s surname as Fjeldstad. His name is Fjeldberg. Error fixed at 19:37.

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