Charging an electric car at home: – Now the state pays 75 percent for you:

Charging an electric car at home: - Now the state pays 75 percent for you:

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(Elbil24): With electricity prices soaring today, the state pays most of your bill when you charge your electric car at home.

In southern Norway, the price of electricity is constantly reaching new heights. At the same time, Norwegians get A record amount in energy support. The member organization Naf has calculated how much electric vehicle charging costs at today’s price level.

The calculation was made using five different models of electric cars.

Energy subsidy subsidizes home charging costs

According to Naf, the results show that the state pays up to three out of four kroner to charge an electric car that you do at home. This amounts to 75 percent.

– If the spot rate is NOK 6, the electricity subsidy will cover most of the freight bill. Without the force’s support, the story would have been very different, senior communications consultant Nils Soudal at NAF says in a press release.

Volkswagen ID.4 is among the cars that Nav uses as an example. If you charge ID 4 from 0 to 100 percent at home when the spot rate is NOK 6 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), it will cost NOK 623. Then the online rental without electricity subsidy and electricity tax is included.

Saves over 450 NOK

The price with electricity subsidy is 164 NOK. This means that in this example you save 459 NOK as a result of the electricity subsidy.

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— This shows that charging an electric vehicle has become a nightmare without energy subsidies, says Soudal.

The fear is that the spot rate will go up to 12 NOK per kWh when it starts getting cold. So Nav used this as a starting point for another calculation.

Then the state actually takes a larger share of your shipping bill. With such a high price, the electricity subsidy covers more than 80 percent of your electric vehicle’s charge, says Soudal.

Without electricity subsidies, the price of charging at home could become an obstacle slowing down the transition to electric cars in Norway. Electricity subsidies provide predictability to the country’s 500,000 electric car drivers and help save electric car investment in Norway now that electricity prices have skyrocketed to unimaginable heights.

Spot rate 6 NOK per kWh: 0 to 100 percent charge


battery (net)

without energy support

With strength support

This is how much the state covers

Renault Zoe 52 kWh 421 NOK 111 NOK 74%
Kia e Niro 64.8 kWh NOK 524 138 NOK 74%
Volkswagen ID.4 77 kWh 623 NOK 164 NOK 74%
Audi e-tron 55 86.5 kWh NOK 700 NOK 184 74%
BMW iX xDrive50 105.2 kWh 851 NOK 224 NOK 74%

Source: Nav

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