Concert, Sberbank 1 North Norway | Two new artists ready for a big free concert

Concert, Sberbank 1 North Norway |  Two new artists ready for a big free concert

On Monday, Sparebanken Nord-Norge announced that Tromsø artist Dagny is ready for Glød on September 24. On Tuesday, two new names were launched – ISÁK and RSP & Thomax.

Rappers RSP and Thomax are behind songs like “Nordaförr” and “Følg goodt med”.

– It is very easy to say yes to playing in Tromsø, because there is no doubt that the Tromsø Moors make up a completely raw audience! The fact that we will also play for all the volunteers who make Northern Norway the same as Northern Norway will be absolutely magical, said Patrick Botolfsen, according to a press release.

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The ISÁK trio is also looking to create a party with 20,000 spectators.

We are really looking forward to playing in Tromsø again! It’s great to be able to participate in honoring the local community in Tromsø and volunteers in northern Norway, says singer Ella Marie Heta Isaksen, according to the Savings Bank press release.

The Glød party is organized by SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge. Many of the country’s most famous artists and orchestras are on stage. There will be a show from 5:30 pm until the evening.

We are passionate about something, each of us, whether it’s the neighborhood, the sports team, the wire, or our children’s school. Every day, thousands of Northerners make an effort to make their local community a better place. Northern Norway depends on this commitment. By celebrating this very thing, we hope to be able to inspire more people to find their inner glow, says bank manager Lars Nymo Trollsen, according to the bank’s press release.

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Although Glød is free, you do have to get a ticket to get in. The ticket is exchanged for a bracelet to be accepted at the concert. Free tickets will be issued on Friday 2 September at 09.00.

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