NEWS STUDIO – – Kicked and the knife had to be pulled out

Scottish Nationalist MP Ian Blackford suggested on Wednesday night that Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trapped in office.

“If he didn’t get off, he’d have to be dragged and kicked and screamed out the door,” Blackford said. Sky News.

– If he had any dignity, self-respect and dignity, he would have realized that this is all over.

Blackford predicted that Johnson would be “dragged out next week,” when the 1922 committee was expected to change the rule to allow another censure motion against Johnson. He is now free after surviving a no-confidence motion against him in early June.

He believes the situation now unfolding in British politics is “unparalleled”.

In one day, 38 members of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government have decided to withdraw in protest.

On Wednesday night, several ministers were at the Prime Minister’s residence in Downing Street and, according to British media, they will ask Johnson to resign as Prime Minister. Many of his party colleagues called for the same throughout the day.

According to Reuters, a reporter for British television channel ITV said sources said Johnson still refused to resign in a meeting with ministers. Johnson reportedly said he was prepared to fight a no-confidence motion against him, but that he would resign if a majority voted in favor of the no-confidence motion.

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