Accused Nazi Secretary (96) Attempted to Escape Trial – VG

Accused Nazi Secretary (96) Attempted to Escape Trial - VG

The 96-year-old was supposed to appear in court on Thursday for her involvement in several thousand murders during World War II, and instead ran away. Hours later, she was arrested.


Irmgard Forchner, 96, who is accused of complicity in the murders of 11,000 people in a concentration camp during World War II, did not appear in court on Thursday.

In the morning, she took a taxi from her old home in Hamburg, but instead of going to court she got off at a nearby metro station, the site wrote. punch.

She thinks she helped organize the murder

Forchner was 18 years old when she worked as a secretary in the concentration camp administration office in Stutthof, near Gdask in Poland. This was the first concentration camp built by German National Socialists outside Germany.

Prosecutors say the 96-year-old helped officials carry out the systematic killing of Jewish prisoners, Polish political opponents and Soviet prisoners of war through her job as a secretary.

he will not come

Given her advanced age, it was considered whether she was able to appear before the court, which the court found to be so after careful consideration. However, the woman was not eager to appear in court, and could not process the case against her without her presence.

Since Forchner was very young when the events accused of her took place, the case was going to juvenile court. The site wrote that the judge asked for “some patience” because Forchner did not appear.
But the 96-year-old did not show up. Court spokeswoman Frederic Millhofer says she “won’t come” to court, so she decided to “run away,” she wrote. daily monster.

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Meet the Press: Wolf Molkentin is the 96-year-old’s attorney.

Consider confinement

Millhofer told the website that authorities said Forchner was reluctant to appear in court, but they did not expect her to run away due to her age and condition.

An arrest warrant was issued for the woman, and a few hours later she was arrested. The site writes that a female doctor is now assessing whether she is in good health to be imprisoned until a new trial.

They also wrote that the Nazi Israeli hunter Ephraim Zoroff stated that “if she is healthy enough to escape, she is healthy enough to be imprisoned.

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