Adam (8 years old) and Basel (14 years old) were shot dead

Adam (8 years old) and Basel (14 years old) were shot dead

A boy in dark clothes running down the street. Suddenly he fell to the ground after being shot in the head. The friend tries to pull him to a safe place behind the car, but the boy’s life cannot be saved.

Not far away, another boy fell to the ground with a bullet in his chest. He tries to get up as bullets hit the ground around him.

And he does not survive.

Very excited: – It is no longer so improbable

The video will show the murders

Video clips circulating on social media are supposed to show the murder of two Palestinian children, Adam Al-Ghoul (8 years old) and Basil Abu Al-Wafa (14 years old) in a refugee camp in the city of Jenin in the occupied West Bank.

The relevant videos have not been verified by independent sources, but according to Palestinian health authorities, the two boys were killed by Israeli soldiers on Wednesday of this week.

The Israeli army, for its part, claims that they were attacked by people who threw explosives at them.

The soldiers responded by firing sharp gunfire at the suspects, who were wounded, according to an Israeli army statement.

Destruction: This photo must have been taken in Jenin in the West Bank after an Israeli raid earlier this week.  Photo: AP/NTP

Destruction: This photo must have been taken in Jenin in the West Bank after an Israeli raid earlier this week. Photo: AP/NTP
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– A good and kind boy

Moreover, the Israelis claim that “two high-ranking terrorists” were killed in the raid in the West Bank, which must also be confirmed by the armed Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement, the article states. BBC.

But the relatives of the two murdered boys deny that they had any relationship with Islamic Jihad or Hamas.

– He was innocent and had no connection to the gunmen. He did well at school, and was a good, kind boy, says a relative of Basil Abu Al-Wafa, according to the BBC.

The two boys were declared dead in Jenin Hospital. Hospital director Wissam Bakr says that the injuries show that they were killed with premeditation.

“They are not a safe place in Jenin now,” Bakr says.

Sadr: - Suddenly we were attacked

Sadr: – Suddenly we were attacked

Destroyed infrastructure

Al Jazeera correspondent Charles Stratford says Private channel The residents of Jenin are shocked by the size of the recent Israeli raid on the refugee camp, which began on Tuesday evening.

At least four Palestinians are said to have been killed, while 17 others were arrested. In addition, the Israeli army is said to have used bulldozers to destroy infrastructure such as water, electricity and sewage. New York times.

Increasing unrest: - Fear and anger

Increasing unrest: – Fear and anger

230 dead

There has been an increasing degree of violence in the West Bank following the outbreak of war between Israel and Hamas.

More than 230 Palestinians have been killed in the West Bank by settlers and Israeli forces since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, according to Palestinian health officials.

In contrast to Gaza, the West Bank is not controlled by Hamas, but rather by the Palestinian Authority of the Palestine Liberation Organization and President Mahmoud Abbas. However, Israel occupies large portions of the land area.

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