Agnete Husbye: – Could have gone terribly wrong

Agnete Husbye: - Could have gone terribly wrong

YouTube and TV Profile Agnet Husby (26)Agnetesh, also known as Agnetesh, has been more active than ever in recent years.

When Housby appeared on “71 Degrees North” last year, many viewers were impressed by his good humor. We also got to see her this spring New TV show “16 Weeks of Hell”.

After four months of grueling training, the 26-year-old got the last push she needed to enjoy walking and training.

Together with his mother Mona Annekredstätter, 65, he has been training for the past six months – and this summer they were set to complete the 80km cycle ride.

Damage: Agnete Huseby had to cancel the stage and was taken to the emergency room under “71 degrees of north popularity”. Video: Red Runner/Discovery+
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The two recently cycled from Haugestøl to Flåm via Rallervegen and back home.

– TV profile to Dagbladet tells Dagbladet that I wanted to cycle parts of this trip “71 degrees north” and that I had a lot of good memories from that stage, and that it might have something to do with it. It was the only stage his team won.

Accident on the road

In advance, Husby ordered shelter and all the equipment they needed, but despite the good equipment, the weather turned out not to be on their side.

Although the sun shone on the first day of the ride, Husby can say the skies opened up on day two – and the wind made cycling difficult.

– He says that the wind was so strong that we could not be on two-wheelers and that there was an accident on the journey.

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The wind caught the mother’s bike and she overturned.

– It could have gone really wrong, Hasebi says, adding that he managed to get his mother to keep him from falling off the track.

Fortunately, the 65-year-old escaped with two serious injuries and the women opted to wheel their bikes until the storm subsided.

Will go wrong: Agnet “Agnetesh” Housby and Thomas Numme here at “71 Degrees North – Celebrity” are at fault. Video: Discovery+/Red Runner
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– I waited for ten hours

Despite a bit of bad weather, Husby got a surprise he’ll never forget.

A fan of the YouTube profile set up on the side of the road in Myrtle and waited for the 26-year-old to ride his bicycle.

Photo: Screenshot/Instagram/Agnet Husby

Photo: Screenshot/Instagram/Agnet Husby
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– She had heard that we were going to go cycling on this trip and she had prepared posters the day before, Husby says.

Unfortunately, there were changes to the itinerary and the 26-year-old didn’t cycle past Myrtle, where the woman sat under a parasol in the rain for ten hours and waited.

Luckily, a man approached Selva and told them about the girl who was eagerly waiting.

– He says the funnest part of the trip was going to Vatnahalsen and getting to know the girl they eventually met.

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