December 8, 2022


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InfoWars seeks bankruptcy protection - VG

InfoWars seeks bankruptcy protection – VG

Information wars: Alex Jones heads up the conspiracy website

Controversial Alex Jones has claimed that the Sandy Hook massacre never happened. Now, a lawsuit from survivors means that the parent company of Jones’s InfoWars website has filed for bankruptcy protection.


It’s the lawsuit that survivors of the Sandy Hook massacre filed in 2012, which is why the Infowars owner is now officially filing for bankruptcy, Reuters writes. InfoWars’ parent company, Free Speech Systems, is owned by controversial internet personality Alex Jones.
Jones faces costs of up to $150 million after the trial. With bankruptcy protection, Free Speech Systems LLC can determine how much can be claimed in a lawsuit, according to Reuters.

20 children and six school staff were killed In the attack on the school in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012.

Alex Jones and InfoWars have long maintained that the Sandy Hook massacre was orchestrated by anti-artillery and liberal media outlets. He had previously been ordered to pay compensation to several of his relatives after the Sandy Hook massacre. Jones later admitted that the massacre had taken place.

Controversial: Alex Jones is notorious for spreading “fake news” and conspiracy theories.

An application for bankruptcy protection usually suspends other ongoing legal proceedings. According to Reuters, Jones plans to ask a bankruptcy judge to allow the Sandy Hook survivors’ trial to continue.

Parent company Free Speech Systems wants to conduct the experiment due to the significant resources invested by both parties.

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Survivors of the Sandy Hook massacre have described the filing for bankruptcy protection as a “vicious” attempt by Jones to protect his assets from liability, according to Reuters.

“Our clients are satisfied that the trial continues and the jury will make a decision, despite bankruptcy protection,” the survivor’s lawyer, Mark Bankston, wrote in a text message to Reuters.

InfoWars has long been accused of spreading conspiracy theories and false news, with a far-right political stance. Alex Jones started the website and radio channel in 1999.