Agreement on field quotas: – Negotiations are continuing

Agreement on field quotas: – Negotiations are continuing


Field rations: For many years, Drytech has supplied meals to soldiers in the Norwegian Armed Forces.

The agreement with the supplier of field rations to the Norwegian Armed Forces has expired. Family company Drytech announces layoffs.

Short version:

  • Drytech has supplied the Norwegian Armed Forces with freeze-dried food and field rations for over 30 years, and is an important part of the company's business.
  • The current multi-million dollar agreement with the Norwegian Armed Forces has expired, and negotiations are ongoing on a new contract.
  • Due to the uncertainty surrounding the new agreement, Drytech has issued layoff notices for 19 employees, which will take effect soon.
  • Despite the challenges faced by the armed forces, Drytech is seeing positive development in the civilian market with its Real Turmat product.

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For more than 30 years, the family company Drytech, based in Tromsø, has been supplying dry food to the Norwegian Armed Forces. Framework Convention in accordance with VG The term of the agreement has expired, and work is now underway to conclude a new contract.

Communications Director of the Norwegian Armed Forces Logistics Organization Hans Maesingset keeps his cards close to his chest when the Norwegian Armed Forces Forum calls.

– Negotiations are ongoing on an agreement between Drytech and the Norwegian Armed Forces Logistics Organization. “We do not comment on matters that apply to ongoing negotiations,” Meisingset writes in a letter to the Defense Forum.

When asked about the remaining field rations stock and a potential new supplier, the communications director remained silent.

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– We do not comment on the stock level. He does not consider it appropriate to make a statement about the supplier during negotiations, nor to make a comment about a future supplier.

Uncertain time

Drytech's general manager, Trond Børe Hansen, says the situation they are in now is unpleasant.

– Now it's like you're sitting in the hallway and waiting. Obviously it creates some uncertainty and discomfort.

He explains that over several decades the company has developed and improved in line with the needs, requirements and desires of the armed forces.

We have not received any message indicating that we are not in a position to conclude a new agreement. For more than 30 years, we have had cooperation with the Norwegian Armed Forces, as a supplier of freeze-dried food and field rations. Drytech is clearly designed to be a safe and quality resource, he says before continuing:

– Having goods in stock is one thing, and additional supply is another. We have built security of supply over the years with raw materials such as meat, fish and vegetables, all of which have a good shelf life.

Hansen believes it is important to emphasize the company's position and capabilities when making a decision.

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– We are ready at all times with high immediate capabilities and expertise that are at the disposal of the armed forces in the event of a crisis or war. We believe that this is part of the totality that should be emphasized when making a decision now.

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Due to the expiration of the previous contract, production in Tromsø declined significantly, prompting management to take action.

– Unfortunately, we have now sent out a layoff notice which will take effect in 14 days. Of course, we hope for clarification before that time. Layoffs are the worst thing that can happen right now, and we're talking about a lot of employees.

He further explains that if a potential contract is not concluded within the next few weeks, 19 Drytech employees will be laid off.

– Everything lies with the armed forces, and the only thing I know is that the negotiation process is continuing.

– Not just dark clouds

Although the agreement with the Norwegian Armed Forces is of great importance for the family business, Hansen says there are not only dark clouds for the company.

-We have a large quantity of our civilian product, Real Turmat. There are a lot of goods traded every day, which equates to several million meals a year.

Hansen believes that establishing security policy means that the Norwegian Armed Forces must ensure predictability of deliveries.

– If we look at the tension in Europe now, there is no reason to lower our shoulders. On the contrary, we should continue to strengthen supplier-customer relationships and ensure good predictability, so that there is good strength in the value chain to be well prepared.

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