Marcus and Martinus on the loss:

Marcus and Martinus on the loss:

On Saturday, brothers Markus and Martinus Gunnarsen (22) will once again be on the Melodifestivalen stage in Karlstad. There they will compete for a place and reach the Swedish Grand Final with the song “Unforgettable”.

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Perhaps many people still remember the Twins' participation last year fresh in their memories, then with the song “Air”.

That time they had to see themselves defeated at the finish line by Loren, 40, and Tatu – who later also won the Eurovision Song Contest.

A little afraid: Markus and Martinus Gunnarsen are touring the Nordics, and talk about the stress and joy of finally having to play in Norway again. And of course a little about how the boys' love lives are going. Reporter: Thea Hope. Video: Jessica Szymanska/Red Runner
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– He grew

Se og Hør caught up with the twins in connection with their concert at Oslo Spectrum recently – the last of the tour.

There we were warmly welcomed by the twin brothers, who were accompanied by their family and friends backstage.

- People got angry

– People got angry

– It feels great, we've been looking forward to this for a long time and waited for it for a long time. Oslo and Oslo Spectrum have a special place in their hearts, the brothers said shortly before taking the stage.

It all started with the song “Two Drops of Water”, on stage at Spektrum, at the Melodi Grand Prix Jr.

-We are still Marcus and Martinus, the two boys who love to give shows. But we've evolved and we make a slightly different kind of music than before. We grow the same way as our music. We don't play one type of music.

Competitive people: Twin brothers Marcus and Martinus can do more than just sing. Video: The red card.
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– Very happy to win

With this year's participation in Melodifestivalen, it will be the third time that the two 22-year-olds have competed in a Grand Prix circus.

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-It's a special feeling to be involved again. It went very well last time, and it was a lot of fun. Then we received incredible support from the Swedish people, which we were not prepared for. It was a special feeling. When we got the offer again, we thought it was impossible to say no, because it was so bad the last time.

Attention-grabbing: shouting

Attention-grabbing: shouting

– You were defeated at the finish line last time, and you had to settle for second place. How was that?

– Of course we are two boys who are very happy to win, because we are two competitive people. So we wanted to reach a higher place. But when she fights Loren, a goddess in Sweden, it becomes difficult, and the twins laugh and continue:

Opens: Marcus and Martinus were at the “Hilt Harald” and there they talked, among other things, about the back of the medal. Video: TV 2
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– Every now and then you feel really disappointed about coming in second place, but when you think about everything you went through the next day, you feel like, “Wow!” Everything that happened was completely sick. Then Lauren won the whole thing.

– Yes, because did it help that she ended up with an international win?

– Yes, we think so.

He rejects speculation

He rejects speculation

A lot is happening

Moreover, the superstar brothers can tell that there's a lot going on right now, and it's taking its toll.

– Eurovision and Melodifestivalen for that matter are all about creating a great show for the viewers, giving them something magical and making them open their mouths. This is what we want to try. It's a show we were working on at the same time as the tour. My head is full now, but it'll be fun.

No rules: Finland has a habit of sending funny entries to the Eurovision Song Contest – 2024 will be no exception.
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– How do you make time go up?

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-We don't do that. So we don't have an answer for that, they just laugh and carry on.

– There's a lot going on, so we just have to grit our teeth. We think it's fun too! That's why we make it happen. It's tiring of course, let's be honest. But it helps if it's fun. We can achieve this if we try. We have a song that we really like, so it feels right.

“This is the winner”

It was natural for Se og Hør to snoop a little and try to get some details about the song in which the duo is participating. It is very strict, and with a great deal of secrecy, regarding Swedish contributions. In the past, artists were excluded because songs found their way onto the Internet.

– We can't say much. It's a song we love very, very much. So it is harder and harsher than “air”. Otherwise you will have to wait and see, and they will respond intelligently.

Palestine: On stage during this year's MGP final in Trondheim, TIX appeared with the Palestinian flag drawn on his arm. Video: NRK
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When it became known last year that the brothers would participate in the Swedish version of the Melody Grand Prix – and not in Norway – there was a huge uproar.

– Of course people were upset when they found out we would be here. This is what it feels like to join the neighboring country. We saw it coming, as they told Se og Hør at the time.

-We wanted to hide it

-We wanted to hide it

On the other hand, there hasn't been much feedback this year to track down, and we have to believe Golden Throats.

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– It was a big thing last year, but then we talked a lot about it and explained why he chose Sweden and so on. So maybe it made more sense than people thought at the time. Life wasn't the same around him this year.

MGB 2024: KEiiNO didn't quite make it to the top during the MGP final in Trondheim on Saturday 3 February. Reporter/Video: Elise Violeta Ness Axnes
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Markus and Martinus will open the Dolphins' fifth and final final in Sweden. It remains to be seen whether they make it to the final or not, but if we believe the odds, it could come down to it. The brothers tend to escape with victory.

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