Will Smith, Chris Rock | Hit the coworker straight: Now he explains what really happened

At the end of March, actor Will Smith, 54, made headlines around the world when he stormed the Oscars stage and beat colleague Chris Rock (57) – In the midst of the awards ceremony.

He was 57 years old He made a joke about Will Smith’s wifeJada Pinkett Smith (51 years old), which, to put it mildly, did not go well.

Watch the exciting moment in the video window below:

Since then, Smith has been low-key and apologetic, and has also retreated sharply from the limelight.

Now, eight months later, he’s back in the public eye.

Ready for feedback

Smith is currently in the news with his thriller ‘Emancipation’. In the film, he plays slave Peter, who escapes from a plantation in Louisiana after much abuse.

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In connection with the film’s premiere, Smith appeared in several interviews, and the Oscars scandal naturally became a topic in many of them. In an interview with “Good Day DC” He told Smith he was prepared that some would criticize his stepping into the spotlight again after the violent incident in March.

– I can understand if someone is not ready for this. And I respect that, and they should get the time they need. But I hope my actions don’t hurt my team, he says.

The people on this team have done their absolute best, and I hope what I’ve done won’t destroy them. And that’s what I’m doing now, adds the 54-year-old.

Watch the movie trailer ยปRelease” In the video below:

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– A terrible evening

In connection with the new movie, Will Smith also hosted a talk show for the first time since the Academy Awards.

On Monday, he was a guest on “The Daily Show,” telling host Trevor Noah, 38, what he had in mind when he went up and punched Chris Rock.

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– It was a terrible evening. There are many nuances to it, but I generally lose it, he says.

– I went through something that night. Not that he is defending my behaviour. But there were a lot of things. Everything bubbled up in that moment – but I didn’t want to be that kind of person.

During the talk show visit, Smith does not hide that he learned a lot from the incident.

We just have to be nice to each other. You know, it’s hard. And I think what hurts me the most is that I have passed on my difficulties to others. Now I understand what people mean when they say that hurting people hurts others, Smith shares candidly from the couch on “The Daily Show.”

“Unacceptable and unforgivable”

As we mentioned, during the Oscars in March, Smith expressed regret to his co-star after a comment about his wife.

When Chris Rock was going to present the award for best documentary, he referred to Jada Pinkett Smith as “GI Jane.” In the 1997 film, Demi Moore played a short soldier, and Smith’s wife herself appeared with short hair at the Oscars.

Smith initially reacted by laughing, before firmly walking down the stage and punching Rock in the face.

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A few days later, Will Smith took to Instagram and He apologized for what he called “unacceptable and unjustified” behaviour..

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