Farmen Kindes, Bahari Viken | Roper's challenges after setting up “The Farmer”: – It was too much

Farmen Kindes, Bahari Viken |  Roper's challenges after setting up “The Farmer”: – It was too much

It's finals week in “Farmen kjendis” and the fight for survival is serious.

However, not all participants get the opportunity to be part of the rush, and Bahari Viken (30) was one of the first to pack their bags and leave for the farm adventure during finals week.

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Viken had to say goodbye to the participants of the “Celebrity Farm” and farm life in 1924. But it turned out that returning to everyday life again was not easy at all.

Double hold on the reality bubble

Viken returned to the capital with a new perspective, and the 30-year-old told Nettavisen that it was nice to be separated from the outside world during the TV taping.

The well-known “reality bubble” ends in the vast majority of participants in reality, including Viken. But it quickly exploded when it returned to modern daily life again.

– I felt that returning was tiring, Viken tells Netavisin.

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It was unusual to be back in a big city with crowded traffic and loud noise again, Viken said. Therefore, it was also difficult to give up the adventure of the farm and the “reality bubble”:

-I needed to question that “bubble” a little. I felt like I was the one who took the longest to come back to reality and crash after “The Farm Celebrity,” the 30-year-old says.

Viken, a journalist, was used to keeping up with the news, but that was impossible during television recording. It was also a big undertaking as the 30-year-old came back to reality again.

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– I tend to keep up with the news, but it took a very long time before I could endure that tour and catch up on everything that was news.

“I was told to Google ‘submarine,’” says Viken, referring to the heavy media coverage of the Titan submarine in June 2023.

– It was too much for me

Urban city life and news event updates were almost nothing new for Viken after “The Farm.”

About a year ago, she made a crucial decision and resigned from her job at NRK. Just a few days after the “Farmen” adventure ended for her, there was a farewell party for Viken organized by her former classmates.

It was a lot for a 30-year-old:

-I lasted for half an hour, then went to a friend's house and watched a movie. “I couldn't be there, I couldn't socialize,” she recalls.

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She adds that she usually likes social events and rarely comes home early from parties, but in the wake of the reality show, the pipe has taken on a different sound.

-I always loved a party and was always the last one to leave, but I felt like it was too much. It was very strange.

Viken quit his job at NRK to explore new opportunities, and after the TV show, a new and different everyday life awaited the 30-year-old.

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It also affected the transition from “The Farm Celebrity” to real life.

– I didn't know how it would end, and I didn't know what I would get to. I first had to settle into my daily life and know what I was going to do and how I was going to work. I would go to work before I could pop that “bubble,” says Viken.

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Today, Viken is associated with the entertainment house Plan-B, and there it has more freedom to explore completely different projects. There's something she missed when she was at NRK:

I have a few projects coming up very soon, and I feel like I have an editorial office behind me, even if it's not a big media house. It's fun to see if you can do this outside too.

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